Took a little break after lunch to walk around Austin in a different direction. Today was all about color.

I was reading some stuff online about the upcoming Samsung NX1 and it motivated me to grab the NX30 and the 85mm 1.4 and just stroll. Well, a stroll and a raspberry vegan donut at Whole Foods. Gee, what a bargain, they are only $10.  (kidding.)


Anthony Bridges said...

Really dig the photo of the silver pot with the green wall.

Corwin Black said...

Kinda silent envy on that donut. :(

Lovely colors.. Something I like on Samsung NX system. They have rather nice palette of their own, tho it was most visible on first and second series (NX10, NX11). But still, nice..

Particulary blue (sky, sea) is something different.. Or at least seem to me.

Dave Jenkins said...

I see you are rethinking your post about the Fotodiox lights.

Ken said...

I think you should take this route more often. Much better than skyscraper construction. :)