What's on your wish list for 2015? I've got one big wish.

The biggest thing on my list is something that still doesn't exist in the wide world of photography: I want a digital camera with a sensor that's at least two inches by two inches square and comes with some fast lenses in the focal lengths that would equate to 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 135mm on a 24x36mm format. Big square+medium telephoto lens variety.  And I want all of those lenses to get started at f2.0. But not a weak-kneed, whiny, sissy f2.0.  I want brilliance at f2 so I can see some sparkle in a person's eyes while having the backs of their ears well on the way to angel cloud softness. By the time we get to hair behind the shoulders it should be a visual mystery.

We can put a freakin'  satellite on a comet for goodness sake, how hard can it be to make a nice portrait camera?

added a few minutes later: Hey Nikon! As a compromise you could always make a mirror less body and use that honking big D810 sensor in it. And since it's mirror less and will have a gorgeous EVF let's go ahead and give me a choice of exactly what aspect ratio I want to use. In the finder and on the file.

I know someone will write in and tell me that their mind is so compartmentalized and robotic that they can imagine crops from anything and then duplicate that crop in post. Well, good for you but I can't and I don't really want to read about it. I want my camera to show me the boundaries. They work for us! (the cameras).


Anonymous said...

I really like this photo!

Jim said...

Kirk, I've been asking for a digital version of the Mamiya 6 for years now. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in that desire.

Anonymous said...

"I want a digital camera with a sensor that's at least two inches by two inches square and comes with some fast lenses in the focal lengths that would equate to 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 135mm on a 24x36mm format."

Make that a mirrorless digital camera with a 36x36mm non-Bayer sensor that comes with some reasonably fast lenses in the actual focal lengths of 21mm, 28mm, 45mm, 70mm, 100mm and 135mm, and I'm all in. Especially if it does good video, too.

Nice photo, was it shot with a 50mm lens, btw? Just curious.

amolitor said...

Have you considered live view and gaffer's tape?

That started out as a joke but I'm now wondering if it could work.

Gato said...

I'd never be able to afford a 2-inch square, though I'd love to have one, but the 810 sensor sounds nice. Maybe Sony will give us something - I'm not going to count on Nikon.

But a big, big yes to more choice of aspect ratio in the EVF. I am almost as dedicated to 4x5 proportions as you are to square. All my current cameras use EVF and/or LCD viewing, but none of them offer full choice of image ratio.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much concur. Rather than an evf I'd like a flip out screen approximating a wlf. An adapter for my Bronica Sq lenses and I'm there!

None of this mucking about with mft /aps /ff arguments - let's get a new hassy style camera.


Mike said...

I've always wondered why they couldn't put two sensors next to each other to form one giant one, but I'm sure there's some technological challenge.

Jason Hindle said...

Large format digital? Sorry, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. We've only just got to the point where economies of scale have made a modest medium format system cost about the same as a family car. The chip fabrication process would have to change, to produce higher yields with less errors (and that means someone extremely smart having some bright ideas).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk,

Great stuff on your website!!

I'd urge Nikon / Canon to make a sensor that's 36mm x 36mm (i.e. equal to the longest side of their full frame sensor). If my optics understanding is correct, all their current full frame lenses would work on this sensor (as the lenses are circular!!) and so all of the lenses that you've asked for already exist (actually, with even larger apertures than f2.0, which would "compensate" for the sensor size (and therefore equivalent lens focal length) being somewhat smaller than a medium format sized sensor).

Happy Christmas.

tnargs said...

This is like the kid sitting on Santa's lap, saying he wants Jennifer Lawrence for Christmas!

Unknown said...

At least we can do square on our GH$'s when we want and imagine the sensor size you dream of.

Anonymous said...

i totally support you Mr Kirk.

at least with Panasonic, when setting the aspect ratio the changes are seen immediately in the LCD and in the file. not like Canon where upon setting the aspect ratio, the raw file remained in 3:2 aspect ratio and in the lcd. the user have to crop the raw file to the desired ratio, canon user unfriendly. rant.

Dave said...

XAVC codec in the A6000 or an A6100 with that plus microphone/headphone jack.

Barring that, an updated RX10 with an M43 sensor.

Craig Yuill said...

Kirk: regarding your addendum - Nikon may very well be working on a larger-than-CX-format mirrorless system. I saw a recent post on a website that indicated Nikon has filed a patent application for such a system. Whether or not Nikon creates one is another matter.

As for a similar wish, I wish Nikon would continue to add to and upgrade their Nikon 1 cameras and lenses. Inspired by your recent acquisition of extra E-M5 bodies I picked up a second Nikon V1, which I found used and in good condition at a reputable dealer for a measly $150. It would be nice if Nikon would add a fast, wide-ish prime lens to their 1 Nikkor series. And a noticeably-better sensor in their upcoming camera bodies would be great too.