I like to stick images up on the wall and look at them and try to figure out why I like them.

Back in the days of film and darkrooms 
we used to make 20 by 24 inch work prints
like they were free Xeroxes. 
I just wanted to see what stuff looked like

So, after a long day of paperwork and planning and phone meetings I came back into the studio after dinner and played. I looked through boxes with hundreds and hundreds of large, black and white prints and I pulled some out and laid them out on the floor and thumbtacked em to the walls. I pulled out some fun nudes we did back in the 1990's and some great portraits from the 1980's and few from last month that I just got back from a real lab and I laid them out and just walked around the room looking at them. 

I'm not planning a show or anything like that-----I just wanted to see how work looks when it's big and it's aged like a fine, old red wine. And it's really having an effect on me that I didn't anticipate. I'm happy with my portraits. One thing I've been missing from digital is printing stuff really big. Printing it really big and printing the perfect frame and the frames on either side and the frames on either side of those. And then living with the work for a while. Big.

It's curious. After the passage of long years I seem to like the alternate frames. The ones I didn't show. The nudes between the sensual and the prurient. The expressions that were just to one side of alluring. 

I'm thinking I need to send more stuff out to be printed big. There's no question that today's cameras can handle it. And I'd like to have another dozen or so boxes of 100 prints or more in the "just because I can" vault before I hang it up. 

Maybe I am thinking much more along the lines of what I see in this project (motion/film/video):


Hope you are having a nice Thursday. Any time to go out today and look at stuff?