Musician's Dog on Sixth St.

 Dog in a guitar case.

I don't remember exactly when I took this shot. I know which camera I used but it really doesn't matter because the exif info tells me I shot the image at f7.1 with a modern kit lens and I doubt a better (or worse) camera or a better lens would have made any difference at all. I was at loose ends and I was walking around with a camera in my hands looking for interesting stuff to photograph. 

I smiled at the owner, dropped a buck into his case and asked him if I could photograph his dog. "Sure."

I was happy to see that the dog had a fresh cup of kibble just to the left of his (or her) head and a collapsible bowl of clean water just outside the guitar case. I also was happy to see that the owner was using a harness instead of a collar. Studio Dog says that's her preferred rig because if they make a fast break for a squirrel and come up short on the leash it doesn't put stress on their necks. 

I wish I'd made a few different photography decisions but I'm happy to have the photograph. 

The camera I used to take this is long gone but the image, and its attendant memory for me is still right here.