Projects provide traction. Endless research is part of the mud, ice and snow. Forward motion is momentum. Sitting back in the chair, adjusting the screen, is entropy.

Gone out to shoot and swim. Back when I have something meaningful to share. Right now I'm just interested in doing the work.

I hope everyone is staying warm and having a great new year. 


Anonymous said...

Greetings Boss and a happy new year to you too.

I would be very muchg interested in a comparison of your D7100 with your new D610.

And I don't mean a series of endless High and Low-Iso test shots but more of an artsy-fartsy like comparison. :-)

This is, how do they differ in the reproduction of color and tonality. Do they render skin tones differently? Are there other subtle differences which would make a photo more "special" with one or the other? Or is it really just the lenses?


The Blitz

Gato said...

Really nice post. I needed to hear this.