We don't give away free samples but if a client wants to see a test we oblige. Someone wanted to know how big they could go with a D810 file. We sent them some Tiffs.

Advertising agencies are going through an interesting little adjustment right now. At least the bigger ones with national clients who are flocking back to trade shows. They're are moving from aiming all their stuff at the web to the opposite extreme: Posts and huge trade show graphics. The two common denominators are a need for lots and lots of resolution and also the need for content to be sharp. Unlike billboards posters, point of sale materials and trade show walls are all media that consumers can get right next to and put their noses on.

The top image is on of a hand full I sent to the agency. At full size it's a 215 Megabyte tiff file. The Image just below is a close up of my left eye. Seems to blow up pretty well.

The agency is mollified and we are continuing in our conversations....

Have a sharp day.


  1. I hope they are happy with a 215 MB file :-)

  2. i hope that xacto blade is dull..
    Unlike your blog

  3. Hi guys, I used the 85mm f1.8 G. Belinda took the shot.

  4. This is getting to LF territory. Pretty amazing. Plus you can take several variants in the time it takes to swap film holders.

  5. Yes the 85 1.8G is a good one, I use on my 800E but alas no stabilization.

    I picked up the 70-210 you mentioned, a 15% off coupon from KEH pushed me over the edge, nice wide open at full length close-up.

    My favorite lens is the Olympus 4/3 50 macro used on my m4/3 Panasonic and Olympus bodies.

  6. Let's say that you have an eye for details... ;-)

    Here an interesting discussion about increasing the Mpixels of photography

  7. Amazing detail. The 85/1.8 Nikkor is a ripper of a lens.

    BTW, I like your watch. Do you mind sharing the brand?

  8. you should clean your glasses, Kirk!

  9. Funny how the majority of big fullframe cameras users are soccer moms and toddler-shooting dads that "needs" that type of gear to immortalize their sons, then upload the photos in a resolution of 1024x768 on Facebook...

  10. I think the technical term for that is 'strewth'.

  11. May I ask what do you use for RAW processing of the 810 files?
    I'm using a non-Nikon package with a friend's D810 and it shows horrendous colour noise on all D810 files, high or low ISO.
    Capture NX-D is sort of OK on low ISO, but on high it shows obvious noise that I am not seeing in many online images from the same camera.
    I'm wondering what's ticking...

  12. Hi Noons. I use Lightroom, Photoshop or the Nikon Capture NX-D software. The first two are convenient and already resident on my computer while the Nikon program is a bit kludgy but the images look great. That is not a noisy camera, something is amiss in your set-up.


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