A photo for the arrival of Spring.

Shot in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1992.

Leica R series camera with 135mm f2.8 Leica lens. Fujichrome 100 transparency film. Daylight.


  1. Were you at the Texas Worlds Fair? I love that thing. Of course that was 1976 so I don't know if it was still going in '92.

  2. What a picture! What a girl! Kirk, you made me fall in love :-)

  3. Yes, Hondo Crouch's Luckenbach Worlds Fair 1976. I was stationed at Randolph Field, and my only camera gear consisted of an old Mamyia-Sekor 1000 DTl with a 50mm/1.8, which I still have.

    I need to get an (inexpensive) M-42 adaptor for my X-E1 for a few test shots. Might be fun to use again.

  4. This is such a wonderful photo...timeless.


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