Homemade soft lights for almost every purpose.

If you are tired of spending money on photo gear but you need a good light consider what we did for a project. We bought four fluorescent "under the counter" lights at Home Depot, taped them all together and bungee-corded them to a light stand. Spent $24 bucks + sales tax. Worked perfectly for the project we had in mind. There's more than one way to skin a Scheimpflug Principle....

The dour assistant is extra.....

It's a great way to practice your custom white balancing skills.


  1. Thanks to the ease of color balancing and noiseless ISOs with digital cameras these days, lighting is undergoing a revolution.

    I use COSTCO $20 flashlights that put out 1,000 lumens each and have an adjustable beam that goes from wide to narrow.

    The portability is amazing and the hard light isn't bothersome at all.

  2. Were they battery powered lights, or did you plug-in each one?

  3. Hey cfw, we plugged them all into the wall.


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