Another video project sees the light of day. A broadcast TV commercial for Zach Theatre's show, "Mothers and Sons."


I went on location to the theater with lights, microphones, cameras, tripod and a video monitor and shot the live action of Michael Learned (mom from the television series, "The Waltons"). The rest of the spot is stock footage and still images I made for the play's print and web marketing. The commercial was edited by Michael Furstenfeld at Zach Theatre.

This one was shot with the Nikon D810 and an 85mm G series lens. Marshall monitor on the top of the cage. Sennheiser lav microphone on talent (consciously shown in the scene to imply that this was an interview...).

It's an example of something that takes an hour to set up, fifteen minutes to shoot and an hour to pack again. It's cool to own the gear instead of renting it. Owning means having what you need for fast breaking projects while keeping costs down. Which should mean more money in your own pocket---not a discount to the client.

The show is great. Well worth seeing. And Michael Learned is a superb actor!

If you click through the link you should be able to see it in 1080p...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's nice! Thanks for sharing. I can see how being able to offer video to a client would be a big advantage for a pro. I am still struggling with the basics of frame rate, compression, etc. So far, I haven't been able to find a decent primer.

Gato said...

"takes an hour to set up, fifteen minutes to shoot and an hour to pack again"

That's the story of life in photography. Wish some of the clients could understand this. Wish the photographers working so cheap would think about how much time they put in.

Your videos are looking really good. Keep it up.

Alexis Texes said...

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