A Portrait to commemorate the last day at Ben's first, college, Summer job.

We have this kid named, Ben. He went off to college in New York state last year and did well. Learned stuff. Made the Dean's List. When the Spring semester ended he came back home to Texas. He wanted a Summer job and a friend of mine offered him one at a well established, international software company. Ben has spent the last two+  months helping the marketing department make videos, proof press releases and even do some writing. He looked so grown up leaving each morning in a nice shirt and clean pants, computer bag over one shoulder and a travel mug with coffee in his hand.

Gleaning information from both sides (my friend and my kid) I've pieced together the idea that it was a successful engagement for everyone involved. Ben signed an NDA and he took it seriously so I know little more about the company and its products than I did before. My friend met me for coffee and told me the boy did well.

Since this was his last day I decided to take some portraits of him in the studio when he came home. I set up some lights and dragged him away from his laptop long enough to photograph him looking serious and very focused.

We have loved having Ben here this Summer and it's so much fun around the dinner table nearly every night. We all work in advertising now in some capacity and we understand each other's shared stories in a deeper, better way than before. When he and his mom talk about infographics it's because they are both working on different aspects of infographic design or content creation. When Ben and I talk about technical writing we both see the same markets and issues. I troubleshoot Ben's computer and he gives me sage advice about Final Cut Pro X and the mysteries of editing.

Ben's boss (and my friend) is one of the few consummate professional sales people I have met. I think Ben has learned so much from him by ongoing, direct observation. From osmosis. He's learned to take care of clients and to deliver what you promise.

The kid made good money and I was stunned to see him "brown bag" his lunch each day in order to save a good portion of what he earned. His discipline and frugality are a good example for his own father.

I've had a fun Summer with the kid. I've got two more weeks before he hops on a plane and reconnects with college. I can hardly wait to hear his plans for next Summer.... 

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Frank Grygier said...

Job well done, Ben. It was a pleasure having you work with us and I know you will be missed. Have a great year at school.

Godspeed Ben.