Noellia from a different point of view.

©2015 Kirk Tuck

So, I went to this photo workshop today and there was only one participant and one model. We didn't have to listen to anyone pontificate or complain. We got to do everything exactly the way we wanted to. The one participant had total access to the model's time and attention. The model got to work with the very best photographer in the group. The photographer got to work with the most beautiful model in the whole workshop. No one tried to sell us DVDs or photographer branded camera bags. No one compared their camera to our camera with a sneer on their face. Oh, wait, it wasn't a workshop it was just a fun afternoon with a friend. What a great way to learn more about photography....  And it's free.


wolters said...

With a model like her even Lomography will look stunning.

atmtx said...

That's the kind of workshop that I want ;-) Glad you had fun, Kirk.

Anonymous said...

As with your best portraits the expression you've caught there is really lovely.

I can already forsee you reposting this in 3 or 4 years time waxing nostalgic about when 36mp was enough.

Kirk Tuck said...

Except that this was done with a 24 megapixel d750.

Anonymous said...

Pfft, now you've told me that I've changed my mind. You just can't get real nano -acuity with anything less than 36mp.