Merry Christmas to all my Christian readers, Happy Holidays to my Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish readers, and "Have a nice day without desire" to my Zen Buddhist readers. I hope it's a great day for everyone, whatever your faith or philosophy.

 I got everything I wanted. The bills are paid. The dog got a bath and Ben came home for the winter break. He smiles just like his dad. 

Best wishes to everyone, especially the people who disagree with me. Without them this blog would be damn boring. A bunch of people all standing around shaking their heads "yes" in unison. 

I can't blog any more today. I have to play with all my cool presents. And hang out with the kid.

Happy Holidays! And beyond!!!


Kevin said...

Cheers Kirk, here's to a great 2016 and adventures ahead!

JereK said...

Merry Christmas to you and ypurs. Greetings from untypically warm Finland.

Anonymous said...

Really fun portrait. Was it shot with a 35mm type camera?

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Anonymous, No, this one was shot on a Hasselblad using film. 80mm Planar lens. Available light. Scanned the negative on an Epson flatbed scanner.