Black and white portraits. I like them because they aren't confusing or cluttered.

I still find myself shooting in black and white. Actually setting the camera to black and white so I can preview and review it on the monitor.  With the D810 I just turn the camera profile to monochrome and shoot large Jpegs. Same with the EM-5.2. Both look pretty good out of camera with the contrast turned up and a "green" filter selected in the tweaking menus. Once in a while I shoot in the largest, meatiest raw format and use DXO FilmPack to make a conversion from the color files. When I do that I also get sidetracked into trying the color slide film emulations as well.

I love the look with got shooting in black and white with medium format film but I think we're in the ballpark now with the availability of high resolution digital files.

The image above was done on film.