Fun assignment for the last 14 years. And it was fun again, last night.

Just above the children's choir, slightly to the right of center frame, was this year's honoree, Charles Butt. Standing to his left is former Texas Supreme Court Justice, Harriett O'Neill. 

There is an organization in Texas called, Texas Appleseed, that does good legal work for underserved people in our state. They work with law firms across Texas to tackle legal issues that range from the criminalization of students for minor infractions to developing protections against excesses of the payday loan industry. They do great work.

Every year they have a fund raising event at the Four Seasons Hotel to honor someone in the community who has made a big difference for children and at risk people. This year they honored Charles Butt who is the CEO of HEB, the biggest grocery store chain in Texas (and beyond).

Every year I provide photographic services at the banquet. I started doing it 14 years ago at the behest of my friend, Annette La Voi, who was the initial executive director. I think this non-profit organization does good work and I've continued to provide event photographs for them every year. In doing so I have met the absolute top legal professionals in the state along with a number of Texas Supreme court justices and many elected officials.

At almost every banquet I am amazed at the amount of good works people are doing with very little (or no) fanfare or press. Sometimes I leave with a lump in my throat when I realize