Having a style you like doesn't mean you have to abandon experimentation. I like to try everything to see if I can come across ... a better style.

This is an example of making a portrait with a ring light. One of my clients insisted I buy a big, highlight flash for an advertising project (that never saw the light of day). One day Noellia came over to the studio in one of her cool outfits and I decided to drag out the ring light and give it a go. It was a fun effect. I then experimented with different post processing styles. I won't be changing my core style for this one but I learned a few new things. I think that's always the point. 


TomTrottier said...

Please keep on keeping on. I enjoy your insights.

Fred said...

Better late than never (I guess). I have been looking at this photo for a few days now and while I am not crazy about the green tint I like the way the shadows have a smooth transition at their edges if I am describing it correctly. Very cool.