Self promotion currently under production. Happy but sad to have found that one, little typo...

Under Construction. 
Hasselblad Film Shot from 2010. 

I'm working on a self-promotion project. I have a wonderful photograph of a neonatal nurse holding a premature child in her arms. It's sweet and wonderful. I'm printing the image on a Museo Artist Card with my Canon Pro-100 printer. The warm, matte surface paper is perfect for this, and the Moab Fine Art Rag profile works very well for this image and this paper. 

I wrote a nice narrative inside the card, about my experiences creating images and image libraries for a wide variety of medical practices, clinics and hospitals. I will send the card to medical clients and potential clients. I spent time this afternoon perfecting the design and the overall presentation. But this evening, when I sat down to address a few envelopes, I gave the card one last look over and found the one, elusive typo. I had transposed the "v" and the "i" in the word, "provider." 

Into the trash can (actually, the recycling can --- as I live in Austin, with a "green" spouse...) goes twenty really beautiful cards. Out the window goes the time and energy getting everything ready. And now we start the two sided printing all over again. 

I don't do well with dumb failures. Especially when they are mine. But I'd rather eat the cost of some paper and ink; and my leisure time, than send out a marketing piece with a typo in it. 

Seems like we all mess up from time to time. It must be the nature of being human...

Now reprinting and checking that type one more time. We can always address and mail tomorrow.


Kepano said...

Curious how well your mail campaigns do, especially with attracting new clients. Real estate agents seem to be the ones most likely to use postcard mailers where I live (granted, nowhere near the quality or care given to your cards).

Nick in Mass. said...

It’s difficult to be writer, editor, and proofreader all at once. Whenever i have to wear all those hats with my own writing, i try to allow for some time between finishing the writing then checking it for syntax, grammar, punctuation, general flow, etc.

The mindset required for editing/review is different than for writing, and i always find it easier to see things more clearly if the work sits for a while (a few hours, at least, or, preferably, overnight) before reviewing it. The delay allows for a mental gear shift and fresh perspective. And, even then, i’ll often miss something. Ideal is to have a second, disinterested party do a review.

And, by the way, i notice seven or eight minor glitches in the above post. (Sorry!) I realize blog posts are likely squeezed into what looks to be a productively busy schedule and may not get the level of attention of, say, a marketing piece.

Good luck with the mailing!

Mike said...

I second Kepano. I read your commercial photographer's handbook, but I would be interested in how you have approached client solicitations these days. Has it changed much since you wrote the book?

Anonymous said...

Nice to know there is still someone who pays attention to the small details which make the difference between acceptable and good! It doesn't happen oft !