Ancient work on film. Former Austin mayor, current Texas state senator, all around smart, nice guy: Kirk Watson.

I photographed Kirk Watson a number of years ago at his law offices on Congress Ave. in downtown Austin, Texas. Those were the days of Profoto Strobes in big soft boxes and lots of Polaroid tests. Once we flash fried the assistant by making her "stand in" for the "hero" and shooting lots and lots of Polaroids, we substituted Mr. Watson and got just what we wanted in the first twelve frames. We used a Hasselblad camera and a 180mm f4.0 Zeiss lens. Shot on transparency film. All very nice and straightforward....

I still prefer to do portraits over any other kind of work I do. 


Don Karner said...

Ah I remember the days of the yellow "power" ties. Everybody in my cubicle farm had to have one. What a lovely portrait. Wonderful light.

Anonymous said...

Great portrait. Call me delusional but there is something very appealing in the quality of the image which is not present in digital imaging. Perhaps its lack of razor sharpness, though it is sharp, a certain quality to the contrast, tone, color. Can't quite put words to it.Seems I find similar differences in listening to an mp3 or cd vs. music on a great analog audio system. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the old days.