I am re-reading a great book by Steven Pressfield....

The book is called, Turning Pro, and is subtitled, Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life's Work. I'm not putting up an Amazon link because, today, I am just tired of the endless merchandizing that infects blogs in general. Ask your library to order a copy.

The book is great for anyone who feels stuck. Stuck in the moment or just stuck time to time. It's great for people who can't seem to get their projects started. It's a kick in the pants for people who squander time and then insist that everyone else has all the luck.

It's an honest, thoughtful book that has, as its main objective, helping people get past all the self-inflicted resistance in their lives and move forward to realize their own promise.

Goes back to the Tao. Mastering people is strength. Mastering oneself is true power.

Just a reminder to read more books. Now I'm back to work.


Suprada said...

Hi Kirk, if you enjoy reading his books, you should give the audiobook version of these, narrated by Steve himself a try. I was blown away. They are available on his website only. The ones on Amazon seem to be narrated by other people.

Kirk Tuck said...

I would really love to hear him read, "The Gates of Fire." That would be so cool.