One light portrait. Light emerging from dark.

©Kirk Tuck. All rights reserved.

We read all the time about the need for separation from backgrounds in photographs but sometimes the dogged pursuit of how we "should" do things becomes an affectation. I think you should light stuff the way your brain thought you saw it in the first place. In real life not everything has perfect tonal separation. But the graphic balance of light and dark is fun. 


amolitor said...

I love those picture. And I love the words that go with it. 'There are no rules' is trite and I think somehow wrong.

But still, once you have the right visual in your mind, there it is. It's right. It obeys only its own rules, not mine, not yours, not Kelby's, not dpreview's. But obey its own rules, surely. You break those rules, you fall short of those demands, at your peril.

Michael MANPhotography said...

Very beautiful, Kirk!