The Sony RX10iii will work as my "square format" camera until something better comes along.

I like walking around shooting with a square format camera. I see something I like in front of my and I don't even need to think about which way to turn the camera. Olympus and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras have always given us the option to shoot in the square (or Platinum Ratio) but DSLRs just are woefully unprepared to deal with anything outside their narrow 3:2 window. Not that they can't be set to shoot square but because of the ancient technology of optical viewfinders there's no pretty way to see just the square while shooting. And that's half the thrill. It's not about "fixing" something after the fact, it's about seeing the boundaries and composing within them; in the moment. 

I'll admit, I thought I would be over my infatuation with the Sony RX10iii by this point but my affection for the camera and my respect for its capabilities keeps growing like Kudzu in my garden. I used the camera for my big video project last month and only last Thurs. pressed it into service as a portrait camera for a tech company.  When Ben suggested heading downtown to savor a well warmed Austin this afternoon it seemed only natural to grab the RX10iii. And, since I had already set it to shoot square for my day long portrait assignment I certainly didn't see any reason to change. 

Every time I use the camera I am re-impressed by some aspect of it. Today I was impressed with its ability to nail exposures and to deliver a massive amount of detail; even into a frame of pixie (13 megapixels) proportions. I've used the camera so often now that it feels more comfortable to hold than anything else in the shop. I'm now waiting for the ultra-wide companion camera. An RX10-IV that delivers something like 10mm-24mm (35mm equivalent angle of view...).  I'm sure Sony has already thought of it and I'm just repeating a logical thought; but if they haven't they are welcome to steal my idea --- as long as they don't price it any higher than the current model...

Well. Looks like I have everything squared away.

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  1. Progression of interesting "reads" in recent days. 1. An article "When Will Medium Format Return" (http://dedpxl.com/when-will-medium-format-return/). Followed by 2. an analogrev.tv piece on the Mamiya C330.

    My roommate in 1963 while we studied (drank our way through) six months at Univ. Hamburg was an ex-Army guy who got hold of a C330 and took wonderful pictures around the city with it. I recognized the same strange charm looking at Kirk's pics today. I see many C330s for sale (with lens) on eBay in the $200-400 range. But...life is too short (at 74) and duty calls.

    Kirk's desire for a wide-angle RX10 Mark IV - this low-budget shooter is lusting for the Panasonic FZ1000 for roughly the same reasons. God, the Nikon V1 is good when I adjust white balance accurately per Kirk's wise counsel and post-process in Capture NX-D - took 1750 frames of stage events this weekend. But it sure would be lovely to have the f/2.0-4 25-400 of the FZ1000.


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