Vacation Time. Hey VSL Readers: I'm taking the rest of August off from blogging. I'll be back like clockwork on September 1st. Just a recharge, not a surrender. Not an exit.

Kicking back in the August. Back the first of September.

Noellia shot on 39 megapixel Mamiya MF digital camera. 150mm lens.

Early photographer.

Later photographer. 

hanging out with B&B
&Studio Dog.

Returning on Sept. 1, 2016

Enjoy what's left of Summer!

Young Renee Zellweger in Austin.


Joe Reed said...

Enjoy! Look forward to your return.

James Weekes said...

I'll miss you like crazy, but recharging is good. Have a ball with your list and add a few new things. You'll be better when you return.

Ed Posthumus said...

From: Internet Lurkers Inc. HR Dept
To: Mr K Tuck
Dear Sir
We have reviewed your request for August vacation but are unable to accommodate your wishes at this time. One of your coworkers in the blogosphere has submitted a request for the same dates and since he presented his request previous to yours, his must take priority. If you can arrange to change dates with Mr T Hogan then we would consider your request again.
Thank You for your submission and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.
Don’t ask the IT guys anything though, they are mean.

HR Dept.

Hi Kirk
We (the internet lurkers) will miss you and look forward to your next post in Sept.

Aubrey Silvertooth said...

Enjoy the time off from the blog. Stay hydrated. Keep swimming. Enjoy the family. I look forward to your return.

Tom Judd said...

So will you reappear with a new camera or some lenses?

Daniel Walker said...

What blogger would you recommend us true followers to fill our quest for photographic knowledge?

Anonymous said...


Interesting, Ben has a strange resemblance to "early photographer"
Enjoy your staycation/ vacation/ time away/ recharge cycle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirk, I read and enjoy your Blog every day and approve of your Recharge. Enjoy, be well.
(Amazing how much "young Kirk" resembles "young Ben"......)

Unknown said...

Cool heads.

Alex said...

Enjoy! i will miss you and wait for you.

Winw said...

Have a great time and it'll be a pleasure to read again your blog in September!

Gato said...

Have a good vacation.

I'm betting you can't stay away that long, at least not completely, but from what you've told us about your summer you do deserve a break.

Hope you get in some good time with your son before he goes back to school.

Don Karner said...

Well I changed the page on my calendar and circled Sept 1 to be sure not to miss you return. Have a great month and don't buy too many lenses before your return.

BPete said...

Hey ok, you're away and bon voyage ... but we don't mind if you send us post cards ( in this case just posts) of your adventures along the away :) Enjoy-Enjoy

Nigel Hodges said...

Hi Kirk,
Enjoy your break, whilst I shall miss your blog, having a break is goodesigned and healthy for creativity!!

Frank Field said...

Anyone as prolific and productive as you are deserves a break! Enjoy it and we will look forward to hearing from you again post Labor Day.

Daniel Walker said...

Bob Kirst refereed to you as "thinking man's photo blogger extraordinaire". I am sure your fans feel the same however coming from a talent like Bob it is an ultimate tribute. However I would request you not do what Bob did., Bob seemed to just disappear and we haven't heard from in over a year. I am a writer and I don't know how you continue to turn out the volume and word count. I think everyone would understand shorter blogs but what ever please don't stop writing.

Patrick Dodds said...

Have a good break Kirk - I look forward to your return.

Richard Leacock said...

Take your time

Spend it well with family and friends

Break out a deck chair and a good wine

Catch a sunset, listen to the rain

You'll be back when you're back


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off Kirk. Since you won't be blogging for the rest of the month, maybe you could fill that time doing some cupping, ala Michael Phelps. Let us know how it affects your swimming times. Or whether your family freaks out at the purple circles on your body.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time! Relaxing, swimming and all the other things which make you happy! Waiting for you back in september, bye!

Dog Photographer said...

Awwwwwrrrrgggg. Oh no! No no no.
Well if you gotta, enjoy the time off. Will be missing you.

James Pilcher said...

I sense the winds of change this summer. I know the feeling. It's time to look at life differently. I hope you continue to write in September, but I think deep inside Kirk Tuck is ready to look beyond the (very) public keyboard. September? October? Who knows? Good luck to you, Kirk.