One of the things I promised myself during my Summer Break was that I would shoot (and show) a lot more portraits.

So, following a long family tradition I asked Ben to come out to the studio for a "back to school" portrait. We usually shoot
something on the first day of class but he'll be leaving tomorrow to get back to college and, sadly, I won't be there (1800 miles away) to make the image in a timely fashion.

We shot a fair number of frames and, yes, I have many images of him smiling and clowning around, but deep down Ben is s serious and quiet person and this photo captures my understanding of him as well as I think I could.

We did it with the jack-of-all-trades, Sony A7ii, and a recently acquired Rokinon 135mm f2.0 lens. The long, fast lenses seem to be a perfect combination with with Sony's focus peaking. If you get the little flickering highlights you can be pretty sure you nailed focus.

I'll find a good one where he is smiling and drop that on the blog sometime soon.

Be aware that your friendly VSL blogist may be a bit maudlin for the next day or two, it's always tough when one of your best friends leaves town.


Butch said...

Never mind about maudlin, mostly what you shoot shows craft - how wonderful in a world that has forgotten the beautiful craft of 1930s b&w films and photos. As a guy who breathed way too many fixer fumes in his time, I really, really dig this portrait.

steven khris said...

Kirk, stunning portrait, as always. Maudlin, of course, but then there is always the next meeting to look forward to :)

Dave Jenkins said...

Ben has your features, yet somehow he looks like Belinda. Really good portraits do this sort of thing, revealing what we often could not see if looking at the subject in person.

phil said...

Lovely photograph. It's tough when your children fly the nest. Bless 'em all.

D Lobato said...

I really like the Rembrandt lighting. I was a single dad with 2 sons. When each left for college it was difficult at home for a couple of months. I told myself they were off doing what's best for them, and it surely was.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back from your break. Really good to hear your portrait plan too. I like these new ones of you and Ben and am looking forward to seeing more in the coming weeks. Great stuff!