A Holiday Special: Try either of my Craftsy.com Photography Classes and You'll get 33% off the class price.

Here's the link: http://craftsy.me/2i2oha1


Art in LA said...

33% off of FREE ... an even better deal! I'll take a look at the free one first, and then maybe I'll dive into the lighting one. I don't have the space to set up a lot of lights, but I'd like to learn some of the core concepts.

Anonymous said...

Your posts lead me to Craftsy a few months ago and I've become an enthusiastic user. All the classes I've purchased have been thoughtful and well done and included great project suggestions. IMHO, they're better than some much more expensive classes hawked by "name" photographers. I have to confess, though, that I've been shy about asking questions, figuring that the course authors probably stop responding after the first few weeks the course is offered.

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

The Craftsy instructors are obligated and generally very happy to check in and respond to questions every couple of days for as long as the class is online. You can ask to your heart's delight and, in fact, it's nice feedback for the teachers because it lets them know someone is enjoying their work. Ask away, it's part of your investment!