We also did an interview with Meredith McCall, the actor who will be playing "Lady Bird" Johnson in Zach Theatre's upcoming play, "The Great Society."

Meredith McCall reflects on "The Great Society" from ZACH Theatre on Vimeo.

I love Meredith's interview but I do hear some car noise outside. I guess it's a balancing act when it comes to either stopping a good interview and trying to wait for sounds to clear or just realizing that you are on a "live" location and taking whatever comes.

We shot the interview with two of the Aputure Light Storm 1/2 lights. One through big diffusion and the other as a background wash. The camera was a Sony a6300 set to shoot 1080p. In retrospect I wish I had shot in 4K and down sampled. I've been testing the 4K capture lately and it's so nice.

Hard to get the room sounding perfect when you are faced with metal ceilings, concrete floors and metal overhead doors.... Ah....location work.


Michael Matthews said...

Very nice.

There is no intrusive noise heard at normal levels in the Meredith McCall interview. The background sound of an emergency vehicle in the Vincent Hooper interview sounds perfectly normal, part of the real world, and does not disrupt or distract.

If someone put a gun to my head and insisted I pick the best of the bunch, it would be David Jarrot -- because of the animation in his speaking style and the slightly more intimate framing. I take it he's wearing glasses with non-reflective lenses?

It's still amazing to me that you can get such an even wash of light across the background from one source.

Russ Goddard said...

Outstanding lighting and very clear audio in all three interviews! One question: Are you comfortable with the sibilance in the audio? I'm listening on headphones that, to the best of my knowledge, do NOT emphasize the highs - and normally I don't consider myself a nitpicker re these things. But, for better or worse, it did become something noticeable in these interviews and I wanted to get your thought.

Thanks so much for all this great video info you're posting!

Michael Matthews said...

Quick question, revealing my ignorance of 4K video: Would shooting this in 4k permit the selection of different crops from one running stream of video? If so, it would be useful in editing interviews. The ability to cut from the basic shot shown to a tighter crop might make unnecessary the flash-to-white transitions used to avoid jump cuts. I'd think the over-supply of pixels provided by 4K would permit it; just don't know if the editing software will.