Everything seemed upside down at Eeyore's Birthday Party this year. Austin, Texas seemed to get its magic back..

inverted AcroYoga.

It was hot and sticky outside today. It was also going to rain. I was going to stay home but I just couldn't bear to miss one of the last remaining, pure Austin events: Eeyore's Birthday Party. 

It was cloudy and grey. The perfect day for a bout of black and white. Trusty Sony RX10xxx. 

In other news: We live in Texas. We should expect things like this, but it was still jarring to look out from the dining room and see a four foot long rattlesnake wrapping around the base of the tree next to the door. Oddly enough, a squirrel chased it from the tree and the snake slithered off toward the fence line. I went out to look for it later but had no luck. Or all the luck in the world....


  1. Clearly the right guy and the right camera for the job. I really like the way the fifth image (face painting in progress) goes just slightly out of focus both fore and aft of the subject.

    As to the snake: feed that squirrel. He's obviously the varmint-in-charge. As long as he doesn't fall into the habit of trying to rip your roof off make him a member of the family.

  2. Rattler, serious potential for disaster.
    Best to keep a watch out and take care that studio dog stays under
    supervision or inside for a time. Of course you could adopt a king
    snake for a pet and have it patrol the yard.

  3. Re: the snake: Went to Whole Foods and bought some organic, free-range Mongeese (Mongooses?) that we have high hopes for. They are one of four known species that has mutated an immunity to snake venom. If the Mongooses don't to the job we'll move up to another snake resistant species and get a couple of pissed off Honey Badgers. They'll make short work of the rattlers. Snake skin hat bands for Honey Badgers = tiny industry with few competitors...

  4. Nice fotos, I like them. But..who or what is an "Eeyore"? People in Austin really seem to like to party.


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