Blog Post Removed. I'll save it for next time.

I wrote a blog post earlier today because I was stunned and amazed that DP Review had posted a video for general consumption that had obvious and recurring audio problems. Problems so big that it made the program unwatchable.

After I posted the site took down their video. Since it's no longer there and you can't go see (hear) it my critique of their dicey publishing move is no longer useful. I've taken it down.

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. I hope to see much better production value (and judgement) from what has traditionally been a well produced site.


  1. This was our first experiment at Facebook Live via a BlackMagic Web Presenter. While everything seemed fine, including sound levels, when we ran our checks, clearly something went wrong at the point we went live. We couldn't troubleshoot much while live, which was unfortunate. Many readers asked us to post the video on our homepage because they couldn't catch it live, and so we did, despite the issues (for example, we could only download a 360p version of the video back from Facebook, and there was no way to save an archive while live streaming to Facebook). We apologize for the momentary lapse in quality and that it angered you so much. Videos we actually produce, like our field tests, have high production values. This was our first experiment at Facebook Live. Hope that helps clarify things.

  2. Hi Rishi, thanks for coming here and posting. My point in the original post wasn't so much about the one off production fail as it was the decision to post such a flawed piece. I have seen other videos on DPR that are indeed well produced. That's what made this one stand out even more. You guys have a great brand there, I hope you protect it by being more strict about curation. Thanks, Kirk

  3. Now if only the politicians could behave this way....

  4. Several dry runs would have produced better live results. Experiment on your own time.


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