Sample footage from the GH5 of Dancing in the Rain (On stage).

Rain : ZACH THEATRE from Kirk Tuck on Vimeo.

Panasonic GH5+Olympus 40-150mm Pro.


  1. Awesome dancing and impressive they can have a wet stage like that... Must be a very well equipped theater.

    Was this a dress rehersal, or a shoot to capture this footage? Two thoughts some to mind, if this was set-up with the explicit goal of capturing the footage would it be possible to get the dancer to be a little more "on the spot" for the close ups? Sometimes I am a little hesitant to ask for something specific, but in a case like this it might work well to ask the talent to give you a minute of dance either on a planned route or on the spot...

    Just a thought, I don't know how realistic it is.

  2. This was shot in the middle of the tech rehearsal. No notice or time to set up anything. I had been shooting stills and someone nudged me and told me Luke Hawkins was about to do the dance number. I used the still camera I had in hand and switched to video at 29.97 fps, 60th of a second, wide open and then shot a medium and then a tighter shot during his number. Once it was done his suit was soaked and the crew was out with the squeegees and there was no time for a do over. I'm just happy with my handheld panning......

    1. I must have missed the hand held bit. It does look really good and will add a great deal of value in any final use!

  3. Prefocused? If not, tracking seems eye-opening, promising to be amazingly good.

  4. Panning and focus are spot on. Great work!

    Did you AF or MF? If AF, how did you have it set up?


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