Talking about the business of photography reminded me of an interview Michael Johnston did with me on the publication of my third book. Back in 2009. I just re-read it. I like the comments best!!!


Here's the book we were talking about:

It still works.....

You can get a copy here:


  1. Got a copy a few years ago. It was a great read and really explained things in a way that resonated with me!!

  2. Still a good read. I think that post could have been where I first heard of your blog -- which is now the only photo blog I read on a regular basis.

    I ordered the book. I'm thinking it was a mistake not to order it back then, but better late ...

  3. Still the best book ever on the subject — and I’ve read most of them.

  4. Well, I wouldn't have known about your blog were it not for Mike. Along with TOP, and Diggloyd, this blog is something I always look forward to and almost always enjoy reading. Keep it up!


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