And now the D700+Sigma 50mm Art Lens endure the dreaded graffiti wall test.

Something about gloomy days in Springtime that make me want to grab a camera and go photographing. I have a route I walk and I like it because I can do it in about an hour and a half (if I don't pause to chat too long...) and even though I've walked it for years it changes enough, week by week, to be continually interesting to me. 

On a different note: After swim practice today I decided that I needed to replace my 55mm f2.8 Micro lens because it had come down with the widely known affliction associated with this lens; the dreaded "oil on the aperture blades." The lens no longer stops down reliably and the repair folks say that the repair price isn't much less than finding a new version without the special "oil appliqué." 

I found an older 55mm f3.5 Micro Nikkor that is Ai (auto indexing = a must for use on cameras put into service since the 1970's). The focusing ring is smooth and the glass is clean. It set me back a whopping $60. The A7iii has arrived at my local dealer. I'll call and arrange a "borrow for testing" and see what Sony fixed and what they broke...

I also put my name on the waiting list for the new Black Magic 4K Pocket Camera. It's purely a video camera but it does 4k to a full on raw file (if you want to...) and has a huge screen on the back. It takes m4:3 lenses and it's reported to generate very nice video files. It's only $1295. We'll see when it gets here; Black Magic is always a bit iffy on final delivery. I have a friend who bought the original Black Magic Pocket Camera (not 4K) and he loves his. Super nice files....

If you click on these photos they will enlarge to 2199 pixels X some less amount. The look dandy on my big screen; the full res versions even more so. 

This image is not from the wall just off Lamar but is a downtown shops genteel interpretation of public art. 2nd Street.


  1. Setting aside the fact that I react negatively to graffiti, even in a permitted space, these are some of the best spray paint images in quite a while. Would you attribute the more vivd color to the sensor, lens, lighting conditions, or post processing? Or all of the above?

  2. Hi MM. I think it's a mix. The D700 sensor, when used at moderate apertures, is pretty color rich. Of course slamming that vibrance slider all the way to the right never hurts. Get is all "Ken Rockwell." (kidding, just kidding....).

  3. Great images! These look much better than your original d700. Maybe your editing preferences have changed, but they do look good.
    On to the blackmagic camera, I was wondering if you would bit. I look forward to your comments. Its almost half the price of the GH5s and seems to have more features. It should be interesting.

  4. Hovering over the BMCC 4K "place pre-order button".


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