A "Kirk Tuck" interview about photography just got posted at "Dear Susan"; the site for travel photography. Link in the body copy....


Paul Perton interviewed me for the travel website: DearSusan.net. We covered topics ranging from changes in commercial photography to thoughts on new tech. Paul also posted lots of my favorite photos; most of which loyal blog readers have seen before.

Let me know what you think....

P.S. We shot all day yesterday in Matamoros, Mexico and then I made the five hour drive straight through to try and get ahead of vicious thunderstorms that never materialized. At least I'm back safe and sound. I even had time to sit on the couch for a while and have a beer in the good company of Studio Dog and Perfect Spouse. A long, good day.

Okay, so don't skip Paul's interview....


  1. Great article but no photos of Studio Dog!

  2. Always interesting to "hear" your thoughts - thanks for sharing them! Oh, and the photos are good, but yes, I've seen many of them here already...

  3. So, please say more about the workshop in Iceland. I'd love an excuse to go back.

  4. Hi Kirk, interesting thoughts at the end of your article re periodic purges. Wife & I try to minimise the physical stuff we buy, so as to avoid filling storage with stuff we never use - I should apply the same rules to digital.
    Thanks for the tip re photographing kids. Have my own nearly 2 year old. I find I don’t try to document everything, but in watching him I find there are certain things he does that I want to capture, either stills or video, mostly on the smart phone (as easily shared with grandparents). I find it too hard to do with a D600 (don’t leave it lying around where little hands can reach) but I will take my Nikon 1 (AW1) with me when we go out & about.
    Not THAT Ross Cameron

  5. Kt,

    Studio Dog and Perfect Spouse- Life is Great!


  6. Kirk - if interviews belong in a portfolio, this interview is a wonderful piece for your portfolio. Congratulations. Frank


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