Looking though some wine and restaurant shots made with "ancient" cameras and lenses....

I understand that some people think the universe of commercial photography is falling down around our us but I've been extremely busy in May. At least it feels that way once I toss in the responsible adult parent care I'm also trying to handle. Last week and this week are a case in point. I shot and processed four different jobs last week, work that also included time consuming travel back and forth to Mexico, but I spent time engaged in a different adventure on Sunday and Monday. I headed back down to San Antonio on Sunday afternoon to get my father prepped for a very early appointment on Monday morning. Our event of the day was an early morning trip to the hospital to have his pacemaker replaced. Now I know all you electro-physiologists/cardiologists sprinkled through our VSL readership will probably roll their collective eyes and tell me what a trivial procedure a simple, sub-cutaneous replacement of the generator only is but I'm here to tell you that the real trick is getting a cranky 90 year old with some memory issues up from a deep sleep, through his morning rituals and into a car at 5:45 in the morning. And me without an ounce of even bad coffee....

Everything went well; better than I could have imagined (I'm an anxious pessimist....) and we were back at dad's memory care facility in time for a late lunch. Once I'd briefed the nurses on the procedure, and my dad headed back to his room to listen to the classical music station and take a nap, I got back in the too familiar car and headed back to Austin. I needed to get home; I had a shoot scheduled for the next day and I needed to pack cameras and think through the requirements of a different kind of shoot. 

Yesterday's assignment was at midday and over by around 3pm, which was great since I like jumping right in and getting all my post production done in the moment. While I watched the files upload I finally had time to bill for the last four assignments. I was pleased to find that I had been able to make my accounting target, my "nut" in the first week of the month. I kicked back and started the upload of the day's assignment to a private gallery on Smugmug. 

While I was on the site I started looking around at some of the other 550,000 images resident there. I stumbled across a folder of images from a story about wines that I'd done for Tribeza Magazine back in 2006 or 2007. I was pleased with how well the images held up. 

As you are aware I've been having a flirtation with older cameras lately. More specifically, cameras like the Nikon D2Xs, which was the most expensive camera I ever bought brand new. When I looked through the images from the wine story I was amazed at how much I liked the actual photographs. The color, the sharpness and even the out of focus background areas. I kept hitting the "info" button on the files to see what camera and lens I had used. Almost every wine image in this blog post was done with the D2Xs but the real star (in my mind) was the 28-70mm f2.8 Nikon lens on the front of the camera. I think it was one of the finest lenses I have owned in any system and the testament to that is that most of these images were shot handheld at the lens's maximum aperture.

Yes, now I am on the search for a mint condition 28-70mm f2.8 AF-d. I know that just by writing this I will almost certainly boost the price I'll end up paying for a nice copy. But really, I can just imagine how nice the images will be when I use this lens on one of the D800's. Or, even better, on a D700.

After last week I was thinking we'd slow down a bit but I just got hit with a request to post process several hundred images from several shoots done earlier this year, then we have an assignment with a new doctor on Friday and over the weekend we'll finalize plans and budgets for a new video project for one of my ongoing manufacturing clients. Oh, and of course, the Sunday visit for lunch with my dad. 

All the work has disappeared? Maybe not. Maybe the marketing disappeared.....


Fred said...

I'm glad your dad's procedure went well. I was thinking about him.
These are lovely pictures, at least on my laptop screen. It looks like an occasion that I would have enjoyed.

Russ said...

Rest assured used copies of the 28-70 f2.8 AFD will now command 25% premiums because of this post! ;-)

I decided to wait a few months after you waxed prolific on the Nikon 25-50mm zoom before I found my pristine copy a few days ago. Paired with my D700 it is buttah.

JG said...

Out of curiosity, why did you (apparently) do such heavy-handed post-processing on photos Nos. 2,3,7,8 as compared to No. 5?

I couldn't help but notice that the color of the shirt on the woman in the center of the photos varies from white with blue stripes to glowing, saturated bright blue with darker blue stripes.

John Miller said...

I just wanted you to know I enjoyed your post about shooting in your home town with your camera/lens combination and your white socks and brown shoes. I bet you were comfortable too.

I have rediscovered that shooting with just a 50mm lens and one camera is great fun. it always takes me back to how I started in photography many moons ago. You can do a lot
with just your feet and a normal lens.

The pictures were great with great captions! Nice job!

Thanks again!

Wally said...

Another good lens is the Nikon 35-70 f2.8 it was one of the go to pro lenses small, built like a tank. I picked one up for $250.or so