My favorite graphic designer in the whole world just launched her new website. Take a peek.


Belinda in Siena, Italy in 1994.

Belinda started her graphic arts career by getting a degree in commercial art from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. She's worked for a number of large advertising agencies and a fair sampling of Fortune 500 clients, as well as many "mom and pop" clients in Austin, Texas. 

I worked with her in an ad agency in Austin back in the 1980s. She helped us win Addy Awards. She gave our shop credibility.

She's freelancing and doing contract work these days, and focusing on taking work she likes instead of doing every project offered.

Her new website is simple and spare. The copywriting there was done by Benjamin Tuck. 

We have to be careful here; with an award winning graphic designer, an ambitious new copywriter and a ne'er do well photographer/video maker we've almost got the makings of another instant advertising agency. All we're missing is the account executive. But wait; we do have a cute dog. That might work....

In all seriousness, give Belinda's site a look and leave a nice comment. If you have a million dollar logo project that you think she might like by all means drop it by to her; I'd love to retire.


Frank Grygier said...

Very nice website. I know it will bring in the clients.

Michael Matthews said...

Excellent website with clean, sparse copy devoid of irritating superlatives. (I’m easily irritated, unfortunately.) The portfolio section is impressive.

One minor suggestion: the individual words in the “capabilities” section below the collection of graphic links would serve better if each word was, itself, a live link.

Some people operating in rapid scan mode might scroll past the graphics, not recognize them as links, then click on the words and find them unresponsive.

Joel James said...

Well done all around!


Edward Richards said...

Elegant and spare. Very effective.

Russ Goddard said...

I've tried to email the website twice - got a "delivery failure" both times.

Eric Rose said...

Just a couple of small things. The title needs to be changed on the home page. Blogger won't let me include the html code that needs to be changed. If you go into view source on your browser look for the "title" tag . Change it to Belinda's company name so when people save it, it will make sense when they go looking for her in their bookmarks. I also had some issues when viewing it on my android phone using Chrome. The grid they used for the responsive cellphone presentation might not be totally setup right. I can send you a screen shot of what I see if you like. Essentially it cuts off a bit of the right side of images so those that have words on the are loosing the last few characters.

I love the colour palette and layout. Just make sure you have the security buttoned down on this site as WordPress sites are easily hacked.


Daniel Walker said...

It must be exuberating living in a family of imagitive individuals.