OT: A modest reward at the end of a long, hot day...

It was a long, hot day last Thursday. I'd driven from Austin to San Antonio to attend a real estate closing that was cancelled at the last minute. I was literally within site of the title company when I got the call telling me they needed to re-schedule. I had no other pressing business in San Antonio so I headed back home.

There were a few traffic delays on the way back and it took longer than usual. The trip sapped my will to get anything else constructive done that day so I puttered around the office, answered some mail and paid bills. When I walked into the house a bit after six in the evening I was tired, frustrated and a worn out from the stress and the delay of the big transaction.

I looked in the fridge and saw that one of my friends had left me a couple bottles of Real Ale Brewing Company's beers. There were labelled, "The Devil's Backbone." I'm not really much of a beer drinker but the idea of a frosty, unfiltered, Belgian style ale seemed alluring so I popped the cap off one and poured it into a large glass.

I walked into our living room and put the glass down on our old, weathered coffee table, in front of the couch. By chance I'd put the glass down in exactly the right spot to encourage late afternoon/early evening sunlight to toss some magic toward through the glass and the beer.

When I glanced over and looked my first thought was not to drink the beer but to grab a camera and photograph it before the light faded altogether and the head on the beer crumbled into a visual mess.

On a nearby counter I found a Nikon D700 and an ancient, manual focusing 55mm f3.5 Micro Nikkor lens. I shot five frames and then the light was gone. The beer tasted good too. Wish I'd taken the TV remote out of the frame before shooting. Ah well. Next time.

The Real Brew is in Blanco, Texas. My halfway point between San Antonio and Austin, when I go "the back way." I've never been to the brewery but I'm planning to get there as soon as the weather cools off just a bit ----maybe in December. I love their products; especially the taste of their "Fireman's Four." It's a pale ale popular all over Austin. Sadly for many of you The Real Ale Brewing Company does not sell their products outside the state of Texas....


Mike Rosiak said...

OT - a little bit of impromptu Occupational Therapy to help unwind.

Phil Stiles said...

Kirk, here's an amazing coincidence. Last Sunday I went to the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts to see the Sally Mann exhibition, "A Thousand Crossings." It was great. After the visit, we went across the street to the Village Tavern. I don't usually drink beer, but that day I just felt like a beer and a burger, and both are house specialties. I had the Village IPA, made locally. The beer arrived in a very amusing glass. Once again, I don't usually photograph my food or drink, but in this case I made an exception. Imagine my surprise when I saw your last post.

Eric Rose said...

Micro Breweries have been the rage here for a number of years. Some really excellent beers are now available. Nice alternative to the mass produced swill we quaffed in our misspent youth.

I tried to post a comment using my phone earlier but for some reason it won't allow me to choose anything but anonymous. Oh well, but what I wanted to mention was that you can upload images from your computer to Instagram. Not sure if you are doing this or not. I'm really enjoying your Instagram feed.


Roger Jones said...

No the remote adds to the story.


Anonymous said...

The tap room at Real Ale is a lot of fun. Lately they've had a nitro stout that is absolutely great. All in all, they make good beers.


Stephen Kennedy said...

I didn't notice the remote control until you pointed it out. I think it gives the shot a little something extra.