Photographing the dress rehearsal of a new play at Austin's premier regional theater. Using the GH5 and GH5S interchangeably. Some with Image Stabilization and some without.

I shot the tech rehearsal of the show, "Once," with a Nikon D800e and a very versatile Nikon 24-120 f4.0 VR lens. But I went back again to do a shoot in a completely different style, two days later  at the dress rehearsal (with an audience in attendance). At the dress rehearsal I shot with a GH5 and a GH5S along with the two really cool Olympus Pro lenses I've been writing about. One is the 40-150mm f2.8 and the other is the 12-100mm f4.0.  I shot the GH5S (with its whopping ten megapixels...) in raw format and the GH5 in Jpeg (large fine). I also went back and forth with the lenses because I was testing my premise about image stabilization being an interesting side issue in the fervor surrounding cameras in actual use. 

I used the Panasonics for fun. I also used them for their silent operation (although you can see some banding from LEDs in some continuous tone areas in some photos....) their night mode and to be try comparing the files from the two cameras side-by-side. No big winners or losers here. Both do a great job. It was interesting to see how the images looked to me when viewing them next to similar images (under the same lighting, etc.) as the Nikon images from two days earlier. Again, they each have their aesthetic merits. 

The new fiber internet service is working well. A gallery that would have taken multiple hours two and a half weeks ago now uploads in about 15 minutes. Remarkable. A much bigger improvement to my workflow than any lens or camera I've purchased in years. Now I need to replace my current laptop...

Enjoy the show....


Michael Matthews said...

Fantastic! I have no idea which is which. They’re all just lovely.
It’s also superb lighting. Most interesting to see someone light a music show with a mix that comes across as daylight rather than the usual wash of red/blue. Does this production sound as good as it looks? If so it is virtually screaming for video, both performance excerpts and talent interviews.

William Collinson said...

What a fantastic set. I've shot ballet and dance in the past with prior-generation Oly and Panny bodies with mixed success. The GH5/GH5s need to make no excuses, they are clearly capable of shooting under these challenging conditions. The slight boost to DOF that m43 offers is, in my opinion, a boon for stage photography as it is rare that you really want a lot of subject isolation in this type of shooting.

I have to say the productions you've shared with us here from the Zach all point to outstanding lighting design as well, something that is especially evident when taking photos of productions.

Thank you for sharing.