For all you folks still having issues figuring out how to get the best auto focus from your Panasonic GH5, GH5S and G9 cameras.....

Here is Panasonic's in-depth and very well produced answer/guide:


It's a full of great answers, suggestions, settings etc. Some of the features discussed are upcoming in a firmware released tentatively scheduled for October 28th but most of the material is relevant in the here and now.

A tip of my hat and a "thank you" to motion picture superstar, James Webb, for sending this along to me. Should make all of us Panasonic users look that much better....

from the Pecan Street Art Festival.


Brandon Scott said...

Thank you for this Kirk. I'm pondering getting a G9 and 35-100 f/2.8 for my coverage of the Children's Nutcracker Ballet. The enhanced depth of field of the 4/3rds sensor would be quite helpful as long as the autofocus is up to the task. And it looks like it is. I'm generally in the booth with the video guys so a silent shutter is also helpful. Thanks again, Brandon

Anonymous said...

Another interesting piece on this: