And then there was that day when we set off the low yield nuke because we thought it would make the sunrise look cooler. Too bad the models got vaporized.

Oh. My mistake. This one is just a geyser. Forget what I said in the title....

A. Molitor reminded me of this one through a circuitous route. It stands the (short) test of time. You might like to read it again....


One of my favorite "unsung" lenses of 2018; especially when used in conjunction with the m4:3 square format.

Just looking through folders of images from 2018 and I kept coming across files I really liked so I started diving into the file info to see how which lens was delivering the good stuff.  Disproportionately it was the Sigma 30mm f1.4 DN lens that made photos that made me smile. There's one series of square images from the Panasonic G9 that represent what I like about that lens and the way that focal length mixes with square crops on the smaller sensor. There's a nice 3D feeling to some images and a nice, flatness to others. A visual chameleon. And not so pricey.  Here's some samples: 

Breaking the new camera spell by looking at photos already in my collection.

This is one of my favorite photos from Iceland.

Yeah, yeah. I suckered myself into laying out more cash for yet another camera system. I sat down today to look at the range of lenses available in the Fuji system and I was in that "I'm doing important research..." buying mode until one of my clients texted and asked to see my gallery of images from Iceland. I pulled up the gallery on Smugmug.com and decided to buzz through it to make sure there were no images of me drunk and hanging from a chandelier that might make said client reconsider our working relationship. That's when I was brought up short. I was immediately reminded of how much I loved the color and detail of the images I shot with the Panasonic G9s. They are beautiful. I looked over at my selections of lenses for the G9's system and smiled. There wasn't one in the drawer I didn't enjoy using.

A stand out for me was the selection of images I took using the camera's square format setting in conjunction with the Sigma 30m f1.4 DN lens. The colors and textures make me sit up and take notice. In fact, I can't see much reason for pursuing any technical improvements for my use...

I can't really blame Michael Johnston's review (theonelinephotographer) of the X-H1 for my latest buying spree. Everything he wrote is true from my perspective. I think it's just human nature to presume that the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener (and yummier). 

Will I stop cherry picking the Fuji lens line up? Probably not.

Why not? Well, I can afford the cameras and lenses without any financial strain on my family unit. As one of my sage friends once remarked to me when I confessed to my terrible camera buying addiction: "Cheaper than keeping a mistress. Or collecting Ferraris. Or putting in a wine cellar and filling it up. Cheaper than collecting fine automatic watches."

I think most people are far too timid about funding their passions and hobbies. How tragic I think it would be to have saved millions and millions of dollars for retirement; to have planned to finally engage in that wonderful pursuit of art, only to get hit by a bus, or an errant anvil or grand piano falling from a building window,  and die the day after you turn over the keys to the office and the I.D. badge...