A short video featuring Holland Taylor discussing her play, "ANN" at Zach Theatre.

This is a short edit of our video interview with Holland Taylor discussing the Austin performance of her hit play (I can say that since it did well on Broadway!) ANN. We shot this on a hot Sunday afternoon in a location that featured all the roadblocks any video production could stumble over. But it's genuine and I like it. The Zach Theatre has been using it to good effect and the show is selling briskly.

All shot in 1080p with the Fuji X-H1 cameras and assorted Fujifilm lenses.

To see more about the play go here: ANN

Our next Fujifilm, multi-camera production is next Thursday at UT. So many toys to play with, so much fun....

Added in the afternoon: for some reason this post is one that got a lot of traction in our "stats" today:


atmtx said...

I really like this short promotional video. It pulled me in.

Michael said...

Appended to CTXLT page for ANN: https://ctxlivetheatre.com/productions/20190731-ann-by-zach-theatre/


Michael Matthews said...

Oh, yeah. You conquered every obstacle they threw at you. And the result is a textbook example of why black is the strongest color in video and television when it comes to interviews.

As to the 2011 post — more of those, please.

MikeR said...

2011 post: thank you

MO said...

Looks great.