Evening in Austin. Heading back home with my little Sigma fp in my hands.

I took off the magnifier and the other attachments, left the heavy lenses at home and went for a walk with just the basic Sigma fp body and the 45mm f2.8 Sigma lens. It was fun. The camera is small and discreet. The lens is tactilely magnificent. And the color from the camera generally makes me very happy. 

After four days in a row of fast swimming, including an early workout this morning, a long, slow observational walk was just the thing. I think of long walks after hard swims as being recovery walks. The camera in hand makes for a good excuse to stop and examine every little thing. 

We've got interesting weather here right now. It's warm-ish (70's) and rainy and that's the forecast all the way through Wednesday. Tomorrow we're supposed to do "man in the street" video interviews for the theater but I'm thinking  that's going to turn into "man/woman in coffee shops" interviews instead. 

I'm using a Lumix S1 that's been upgraded with the video firmware unlock. Not because I want to use V-Log but because the unlock also gives me many other good codecs to choose from. Tomorrow it's my plan to use a 1080p, All-I setting since the final results will end up on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. A really clean and sharp 1080 should be just right. 

Why not use the Sigma fp for this? No headphone jack! That's right, it's a high performance video camera that doesn't come with a headphone jack. I guess that's what the Ninja Inferno is for.... We can take a headphone signal right off the external digital audio recorder (as long as we shoot into an Atomos). Not sure how we'll monitor audio when I'm ready to plug in an SSD and try out the Raw video settings....

I'll worry about that when it becomes an issue. For now I'm using up the Sigma fp mostly because I like the way it makes photographs. 
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Gato said...

The bridge through the trees is sweet.

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...


Ray said...

You're such an awesome and wonderful photographer and I appreciate your adventuresome spirit and curiosity but I think the Sigma fp is even less interesting than the vintage FF Nikons you were infatuated with a while ago, and even less interesting than the FujiFilm X series cameras from six months ago, if that were actually possible.

Which leads me to ask if there were (are?) any cameras you have regretted buying. I bought a Sony a77 that I knew was wrong, but I bought anyway. It was money wasted and I felt, and still feel, like a dope for having spent the money. I remember the euphoric feeling when my eBay auction closed and how happy I was to mail the package. Any such feelings from deep in the heart of Texas?

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

So, Ray, nothing interests you? No cameras, no lenses, nothing? Hmmm.

I never regret what I've bought but I do occasionally regret the things I've sold. Sony a99 comes to mind. Panasonic G9s as well...