A day off from video production and back into downtown Austin just looking for coffee and pretty stuff to shoot.

foot travel with a Lumix S1R and the Sigma 45mm f2.8.

Seems just fine.



MikeR said...

I've heard a description of certain pickup trucks as being "oversized and under worked," but that one kicks the description up a good-sized notch.

Loved the red Beetle.

Anonymous said...

A truck like that would be a good vehicle for the VSL ride :) Welcome back.


Gato said...

Love the one with the kid in the pink shirt.

And yeah, that truck is serious overkill.

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the fundraiser content you linked us to

John Miller said...

I'm glad to have you back taking pictures, walking around and looking for coffee in Austin.

I sure missed your photo adventures!