Thinking I'll take a break from blogging about photography. It's hard to justify the time required. Photography has changed so much in the last 11 years. And so has the internet.

Studio Dog instructed my family in "how to leave on a high note." 

Boy, blogging sure has changed over the last eleven years. We used to talk as much about gear back then as we do now but it seemed more important at the beginning. People were still transitioning to digital from their filmic pasts. Gear was improving by leaps and bounds. Mirrorless cameras were in their infancy and it seemed that DSLRs would rule forever. LED lighting was on very few peoples' radars. Portable flashes were the hot photo topic - that, and full frame cameras. 

Now writing a photography blog seems like a "boomer" activity only. My audience has steadily declined except for those days when I write something about micro four thirds cameras. Comments, which I always take as indicators of interest, have also declined. I liked sharing my knowledge about photography and how I practiced it but our way of life has evolved into something quite different and our need to know trivia and details about the craft have faded significantly as everyone's post production skills have improved.

I'm more interested now, commercially, in video and I fully understand that for many of you who visit here that video is way down on the list of your interests. I think the deepest plunges in readership come on the days when I write something about making movies or the foibles of recording audio. As I fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of video I see myself writing less and less about new photography gear and new picture making practices. And spending less and less time waxing nostalgic about how we "used to do it in the old days." 

I have recently (finally) come to grips with the whole concept that, in what's left of the commercial imaging world, you can do quite well with a smart phone and a suite of programs to enhance your smartphone photos, with less hassle and less time spent than "doing them the right way." 

When commercial photography was thriving the blog seemed like an important way to keep connected. When I had books to share it seemed like a good way to point toward the books' mini-sites on Amazon.com. But now I have nothing to sell, little to share that I haven't already shared, and little reason to continue on in the current milieu. A break is in order.

Belinda and I are looking forward, after the vaccine or some other future miracle, to doing a lot of traveling while my deepest interests lie in shooting photographs just for myself and also making little black and white movies with my ever-changing collection of cameras.

Most of the people that I know are now more comfortable sitting back and watching someone entertain and (mildly) educate them via "internet television" than they are sitting down with a cup of coffee and (God Forbid!) reading a longer form blog post. 

Funny, I've shut down the blog before after particularly harsh and confrontational encounters with trolls on the web but this time there is no antipathy, no vendetta and no awkward push. Just a sad realization that we've run our course here (for now) and have both run out of topical things to talk about and also run out of opportunities, in the moment, to do the kind of work I love sharing. I think we've all had enough graffiti and isolated walks through a shopworn and empty Austin downtown landscape, and the photographic souvenirs from such walks.

I've met a couple of dozen of you over the last decade and enjoyed every encounter. Some of you have become good friends. Some of you were loyal and valuable commenters and, even cheerleaders. 

I think I need a spell of rejuvenation and rediscovery. I'm not interested any longer in writing books. I'm not particularly interested in the nuanced mechanics of blog writing. Or inadvertently serving as a unwitting marketing resource for camera and photo product companies.  I'm not anxious to watch my writing devolve into some personal pathos about lost life opportunities, bad decision making, therapy or diets. Or "how we did things in the golden age of photography."

Finding myself straying from the core mission of pursuing Visual Science is in itself disturbing. But I'm sure we'll all get over it and move on to enjoying other pursuits. If you need more information about swimming you'll find wonderful tutorials at: the YouTube channel: "Effortless Swimming." 

Ming Thein wrote his farewell last week. I'm not so final. I'm just going to say: "See You Around." 

I'll leave the comments open for a week or so in case anyone has questions or comments they'd like to share.
We'll also leave the 4,653 existing posts up in case any particular article resonated with you and you'd like to copy and paste it into your own archive. I'll be back when I'm smarter and more experienced. And hopefully more interesting.

I would say that Michael Johnston might see his readership bump up a bit but the truth is that most people here are already visiting theonlinephotographer as well so there's probably little outside our cozy Venn diagram of readers to harvest. 

I am not retiring from my profession. I am not angry or aggrieved. I am not physically unwell. I am not mentally distressed. It's safe to say that I've just run out of anything interesting (to anyone but me) to write about for now. I'll be back when I've rediscovered my "north star." 

Here are a few of my favorite images posted over the years. Take care of yourselves and enjoy photography however you choose to practice it. My website is: kirktuck.com 

"Give him a week or two and we'll be right back in the mix..." -anonymous commenter.



Merle said...

Thank you for all your writing! I don't know how you ever kept up anyway. I've always enjoyed reading of both your photographic and life philosophic. Take care! Stay well! Good luck to you and yours.


Eric Rose said...

Well it seems this type of mission evaluation is in the air. I predict MJ isn't far behind. Personally i have learned a lot from you on dealing with digital cameras. My interests now revolve around video as well. Once your rejuvenated maybe you can actually develop a video centric blog. But then again why bother. Life is for living. You owe us nothing. I however owe you a debt of gratitude.

Thanks Kirk, Appreciate all you have contributed.

Eric ( Erna says hi too)

Chuck Albertson said...

"When all is said and done, there's nothing left to say or do." Darryl Dawkins said that, and he knew a thing or two beyond shattering backboards. Enjoy your break.

Joe said...

This is a sad surprise after your lengthy and interesting recent blogs.

I must be one of those boomers who prefers reading an erudite column over a cup of coffee to an overly-long, typically superficial video that takes 15 minutes to say what could be reduced to one or two well-written paragraphs.

You may be correct, though, about a trend toward superficial videos made by inexperienced people wearing baseball caps backwards yet expressing absolutes. Personally, I rarely bother with sites that basically act as video aggregators rather than knowledge developers.

Digital photography has become a mature technology that just doesn't command the same breathless enthusiasm as when it was new and faddish. On the other hand, who would have imagined that film would be making a return as the hipster's newest avant garde differentiator?

Adios. Hope to see your return soon.

Victor Bloomfield said...

Well, I'll miss you. I won't miss the techie stuff, since I don't do video or hanker after bigger, heavier cameras. But I will miss learning about Austin, and Zach Theater, and how to maintain a busy, healthy, productive life in later years. It's only a few bloggers who engage me personally (in an impersonal way, if you know what I mean). Thanks for being one of the few.

Victor Bloomfield

Alex Carnes said...

Blimey. Lloyd Chambers will be next... :-\

Mike Marcus said...

Well, shoot! After learning about Ming a few days ago, I thought, we still have Mike and Kurt. Oops! Not true. Even Mike has become a little, 'er, irregular lately. Guess that is not a real surprise. Now moving into my mid-70s, I too have started to move on from being productive every day. Nevertheless, I must say this again, I have truly loved reading your views and experiences with cameras, lenses, videos, swimming, Studio Dog, goggles, hats, gloves, walkabouts, painting the porch, coffee, and whatever else that caught your interest that day, which you found worth sharing with us once or even twice a day or more. I have always found whatever you posted worth reading, every word, every day. While I am more of a photo kind of guy, watching your videos has started me thinking that, stuck in home isolation most days, my photography is getting stale, perhaps it is time to consider video. After all, I do have a G9 and a bunch of pretty fine lenses for it and for my GX8, so why not try some video. Also, I did have a Canon Camcorder 30 years ago that produced some videos that are fun to look at now. So, I have a hope. When you do return to blogging, which I think for you is a habit that will again continue, I look forward to video lessons from your VSL perspective that will help me and the rest of your readers get all that much smarter. True, we can go to YouTube, but for me, at least, that is not the same, not as good as your words from the VSL. Have a great vacation from blogging. Keep swimming and shooting all the photos and videos to keep you happily learning new tips and tricks to share with us on your return. Until then, I will miss your daily reports on life in Austin and at the VSL.

Joel Bartlett said...

Thank you for the blogging. Enjoy your break, your family, and photo projects that interest you.

Craig said...


I certainly can understand that given you have a full life and plenty to keep you occupied between your family life, career (more video these days), swimming, and other interests, that this blog probably isn't your top priority.

That being said, I for one, will miss it dearly. I don't have much of an interest in video, but read every one of those posts start to finish - I feel that it may be of use to me and I value your honesty in what you use, how you approach these projects, and most of all, your writing and humor.

I can't imagine that you would need the money nor find a subscription model worth the obligation of producing two or three posts a week, but I'd happily pay for the privilege of being able to subscribe. I support TOP and although I can do without the dietary advice and some of Mike's other ramblings, I can appreciate the effort to regularly producing quality content. Your voice is even more important in my daily readings.

Losing both you and Ming Thein in a week's time will be heartbreaking to many of us that appreciate and value the written word over the haphazard videos that litter YouTube, but I certainly respect your decision and wish you all the best.

Craig C. Minneapolis

Tom Farrell said...

I can only hope that as (if) things begin to normalize, and you pursue your personal pictures, that you'll occassionally post some of them, along with some context and stories about their making. I've always enjoyed your gear enthusiasms, but more importanly you've been inspiring in your discipline, optimism, and modeling how to age well (though you're some years behind me, and I hope it stays that way for awhile ;-)). After reading your posts I walk a little longer, pay more attention to what I see, and give more serious attention to my own personal photos. But I don't swim great distances before dawn - you have me there.

Thanks for a good ride. Though I don't know you, I'll miss you, and Belinda, and Ben. Enjoy your next steps, and share some of them if you get the urge.

Ann said...

Enjoy your life and thanks for the blog, particularly the swimming tips and photo walks, regards to your family. Ann

Andrew Johnston said...

Hi Kirk,

Truly sorry to see you go, although on previous form this is probably "au revoir" not "goodbye". I read you via a feed reader, so you'll "pop up" if/when you write something again.

I really appreciate reading a well-written, long-form article, especially written by someone of a similar age who's also still commercially active (albeit I earn my money with my computers, not my cameras). However I'd much rather read an occasional article when there is something new to say - I don't always keep up when you're in full daily flow!

While I think there may still be things to write, I accept that there's decreasing scope for writing about a vanishing commercial model, and we're also reaching a point of sufficiency on kit (I'm very happy with my Panasonic G9 & GX8, and not in a great hurry to change). Posts on the intersection of life, kit, skill and experience are still valid.

Thanks for everything you've written to date. Enjoy your break. Come back when you have something to say. I'll read it!


Enjoy your break.

Malcolm said...

I hope it's "au revoir" Kirk, and not "goodbye". I really appreciate your writing on all topics and your photography, both portrait and walkaround. Enjoy the break and I hope you will be back someday.

David Evans said...

"Most of the people that I know are now more comfortable sitting back and watching someone entertain and (mildly) educate them..."

Not me! My heart sinks when I realise I am going to have to sit through minutes or hours of someone else's idea of how fast I can absorb information. Give me a long form text that I can navigate at my own pace.

Still, best wishes and au revoir. I shall miss you.

jp said...

Well, I am not making comments here very often. But I am a regular reader of your writings.
You have had a very good run and it has been fun to follow you. I am sorry to see you go in to the fog of unknown geniuses that are not very visible on the internet.
I share your thoughts about the development in the industry. Photography has been a life long (almost) hobby with a brief spell years ago as a newspaper photographer. Video is not my thing.
You have managed to share more than just technical things about photography and that has been the key to stay around for so long. And you are a good writer. Just like Mike over at the onlinephotographer.

Hope you will have the time to drop by sometime.
If you ever decide to go to Europe and Sweden, please come and visit!


John said...

Thanks for your writing, I enjoyed reading it.

John said...

And I enjoyed the images you shared

TMJ said...

Great images, most of which I recall from earlier times.

"Is there anybody out there?" With the drop in ILCs, dedicated still photography is becoming niche.

Good luck in the future. I am sorry we will not hear about the further escapades of Henry White. I am sure that the black Leica M4 survived, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the break! I am looking forward to more reports on video! In fact, the pandemic turned me into some sort of videographer as well. I am a teacher and now run a small youtube channel with my online lectures. So I learned a lot about lighting, sound etc,in recent months not the least from your blog. Thank you!

seany said...

Thank for all the entertaining blogs you provided over the years Kirk, have a good life and enjoy whatever comes your way.

Gato said...

Enjoy your break. I will certainly miss you and hope you return. But life changes.

Yours has been the only photography blog I still follow, largely because you write about more than gear. The posts I spend time with are the ones about the business and the daily work, the ones about video and audio, and the ones about life in general.

Hope to see you again someday.

Roy Benson said...

I have enjoyed your blogs every day for years, but you lost me with all the video stuff.

Roy Benson

Cathal Gantly said...


I've been reading your blog for almost a decade now, and find it the most informative, well written and addictive blog online. I wish I'd commented more, but rest assured every word is read, absorbed and appreciated. I've learnt a lot here, especially on video (love the video and audio posts) and know I really ought to get back swimming.

So, while you owe nothing to your readers, I'm on of those who owes you a great deal. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and the window into a sensible American life.

I prefer, "Au revoir".

CG in UK

Anonymous said...

OK Kirk, enjoy "making the Ming", relax and come back full of fresh creative energy.

Robert Roaldi said...

I'm not surprised that you have fewer readers that are interested in video. It's probably not that it is inherently less interesting but more than there are fewer people doing it. To make one good video is a larger commitment than taking one good photograph, I'd say.

A lot of amateur video is awful to watch but then in general it's unfair to expect too much. A lot of video that is posted on social media is the moving picture equivalent of a snapshot, short clips between friends, and that's ok. I just wish that there were some way to get the message out to people either by text or tweet or even email or something to please please turn that smart phone to the horizontal the next time you shoot a clip. Don't people see those pointless vertical black bars on either side of the frame? I wonder what percentage of youtube disk storage consists of empty black space. It's going to drive future archaeologists nuts trying to figure that out.

sixblockseast said...

Thanks for all the great content over the years, Kirk! I also immensely enjoyed your Henry White thriller and am still hoping a sequel may eventually emerge.

My first recollection of your blog was your review of the Olympus XZ-1. I then learned from you about mirrorless cameras which led to my first: the Samsung NX10. Have been reading your blog daily since. I hope you do come back at some point!

RayC said...

If this is really goodbye, I'll miss this corner of the world.

I don't really view this as just a photo blog but a lifestyle blog that incorporates things I'm interested in (photography, theatre, city life, navigating life after 60), and things I'm not as interested in (video, swimming).

In any case you have given me great enjoyment and I'll miss this peak into your daily life. Enjoy life, carry on.

Michael G said...


Thank you for going out of your way for all these years to write, I have really enjoyed reading everything you had to say. I do hope you get bored of not writing and return, but if not, keep having fun and enjoying life! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I won't decry you for wanting to slow down/spend more of your limited time with the things & people that give you more pleasure but please say it isn't so! Or at least not cold turkey for both you & your readers but maybe a once a month post to wean us off ...
As I have said before, your areas of photo expertise/interest don't really overlap with mine but nevertheless I have still enjoyed many years of your thoughts on gear, business, coffee & even swimming. & of course the changing face of Austin which I have been lucky enough to visit a couple of times myself.

Hopefully not goodbye, but if it is, so long & thanks for all.

P.S. I still prefer to read a blog rather than watch ;)

Gato said...

OH -- And please do make at least a brief encore to share some of the results of your current Zack video project. Please don't leave us hanging on that.

mikepeters said...

Dear Kirk,

Thank you for gift of all of your time spent on this blog. You've been a great resource for me and many others over the years. The time you've spent experimenting in this lab has been eye opening and interesting.

I've enjoyed your writing about the process of video, and the ins and outs of business too. You've taught a masters class in commercial photography/video production to anyone who had the good sense to pay attention. Alas, many photographers have no interest in commercial work, and many commercial photographers are too self-satisfied to ever think they can learn from someone else.

I'm glad you're just saying "see you around" rather than a hard good bye. I'll be checking in for the next post on a regular basis as your page is permanently open in my browser.

We did meet a few years ago when you were in the Samsung booth at NY Photo Expo. When my son moves to Austin in a few years, I'll be looking you up for a walk through downtown and a cup of coffee or two.

I wish you all the best. I know the free time you'll now have will be filled with interesting experiences and rejuvenating power naps. Enjoy.

Mike Peters

leicapixie said...

I see another loss for the moment due to the Pandemic..
I'm sure you will manage a weekly piece, even on old shoots..

Sadly you think video which i watch but have no inclination, to shoot my own..
You are wrong Kirk, as thoughtful folks everywhere are so contained in a small space!
I have been a Cinematographer on an art film, based on a South African novel, as an example.
I liked the experiences but not the whole crew and not being "in charge".
I am a Capricorn. Suffice. Digital has changed that, but a crew is needed..

Ming went from producing images of watches and graduating to manufacturing and selling.
I liked his blog and images, but i prefer a image less sharp end result.

I really enjoy your personal comments as well as other's responses.
I am shooting every day, mostly digital but some film..
Steve Huff seems to have thrown in the towel,
His blog was about the latest, newest,shiniest marvels esp. overpriced "Meisterstukke" from Wetzlar. Yours for a long time about changing equipment.
Not me! I Keep old cameras and only sell off those beyond my use..
Stay well, Enjoy the swims, walks and of course the exposures.
"Au Revoir" but not goodbye.

Tom said...


I will miss you many musings about life, photography and video.
I confess I rarely comment although I read almost every post.
I love your video articles, but I suspect the additional complexity and that it is not as solitary an activity.
I look forward to your next novel!
Blessings to you and your family.

Thank you for sharing,


James Weekes said...

Aw shit. Now my morning reads got shorter again. I have loved your writing on all subjects. I am amazed at your swimming prowess at 64.95 years old. I love your photos and your stories. May you have a lovely time away from us and return, rejuvenated, in the future.

Chappy Achen said...

Like so many others your blog has been a part of my daily enjoyment. I will miss your expertise and discussions on all topics from gear, how to prepare, how you approach the task at hand, your video expertise, the way you look at things and how you make it all enjoyable to read. Best wishes on your endeavors, thank you for your efforts to educate and entertain us. Chappy

SW Rick said...

It seems like a good number of good writers/bloggers are hanging up their running shoes these days. Probably partly a natural progression and partly the fallout from the pandemic.

I've always looked forward to my regular visits to your world, and will miss that. You've had a good run and a pause is well-deserved. We'll get by and hope you will return at some time in some form.

The good news for me is that my wallet will get a rest :)

Peace and happiness to you and your family,


Chris Beloin said...

Greetings Kirk -

Thanks for your many blogs - I have enjoyed & learned much from them.

Your passion, fun and professionalism for photography is great to see.

I will miss them & hope you might return eventually.

I have other ways to contact you so I'm sure we will connect then.

Chris in Wisconsin

Chris Beloin said...

Also -

Don't forget Dennis is also still out there - He offers some great insights on photography.

- The Wandering Lensman Dennis A. Mook | Photographer, Writer and Traveler

See: https://www.thewanderinglensman.com/

Chris in Wisconsin

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

I'll definitely keep everyone in the loop about the Zach Theatre Project. The end date; the day we go live with the (free) program is September 26th. Shooting tonight, tomorrow and Saturday on the project and then again next weekend. The poor editor is going to be working right up to the final deadline.

Thanks for all the great comments. I'm sure I'll circle back soon but maybe not with the same frequency. Too busy thinking about making little movies....


SW Rick said...

When I posted earlier "Probably...partly the fallout from the pandemic", I guess what I was thinking of was the equivalent of the French word "ennui" (not re. you specifically, but life in general these days). I don't think there is a good enough English translation to do the word justice.

Another of those things which are better listened about than lived through.

And re. the video, I think it is a generational thing. Us older folk mostly prefer to read than watch youtube fluff (I find myself watching at 1.5 speed even for the few things worth watching). Perhaps it is a question of being in control of time/life. I can skip thru the written word if I choose, video output pretty much demands you surrender control of pace and content. Your video writing is interesting, but you work at a level far above what I would ever need (not a criticism) and thus a fair bit of it has no relation to what I would imagine myself doing. This a lessened amount of interest. But this is your blog, and I am an appreciative guest.

As I think Roy Rogers used to say at sign-off (showing my age), "Happy Trails to You"!

CWM said...

Don't comment often, but I've been reading for over a decade. I'm almost exactly the same age as you (November, I turn 65) and that has been an important component. Of course, I enjoy all the gear discussions, photo technique and general commentary. However, it has been the perspective of someone with very similar "photo experiences" and "age experiences" over the years that has kept me as a faithful reader. I think you will be back with more to say at some point. If so, I'll be listening. If not, I wish you the absolute best! I too can't wait to start traveling again "post Covid." Miss those wonderful weeks of enjoying this amazing planet with a camera or two.

Thanks Kirk! Will miss the daily read.

Alan Fairley said...

Hey Kirk, hope your time away from the blog brings you back to it eventually. I comment seldom but greatly enjoy reading it, especially the posts about the mechanics of the business and your accounts of some of your jobs. BTW, the day I start watching photo blogs or reviews on youtube will be the day the Alzheimer's has fully kicked in. Be well and prosper in the widest sense of the word. Best wishes, Alan Fairley

Nigli said...

Hi Kirk,
Thank you for everything. For all the writing, which I will miss. For the great photos and especially the portraits. I've found them inspiring. All the leading by doing - having discipline, keeping fit, the good business related posts, which we've taken to heart for our own small business. I've read every word about video you've written.
Kia Kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui. (Maori for be strong, be brave, be steadfast.)

Kenneth Voigt said...

Kirk: I enjoy you f&f as a writer.
Consider writing about non-photo topics.
I would continue to show-up every day

Derrick said...

Thank you for all that you have done. I've been following you for years. I do wonder, since you obviously love writing, if you couldn't just write for yourself and post it with comments disabled. Personally I am interested in following you down the rabbit hole into the video world. I came across a blogging platform called blot.im where one can write blog posts in a text editor, and it is automatically uploaded and formatted into a blog post. Very cool.

rjacobs said...

All I can say is Thank You, stay safe & mask up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your time and insights

MB.Kinsman said...

Thanks for sharing your musings on photography and your life. Sad to see you take leave, it has been a part of my morning ritual to read your blog along with a handful of others. Hope the time away revitalizes you and that we readers will still see you post from time to time as desired. We'll be here.

MB.Kinsman said...

Thanks for sharing your musings on photography and your life. Sad to see you take leave, it has been a part of my morning ritual to read your blog along with a handful of others. Hope the time away revitalizes you and that we readers will still see you post from time to time as desired. We'll be here.

Abacus Photography said...

Sad news indeed, I will be very sorry to see you go. What you have achieved is truly remarkable. The trolls that have bothered you from time to time lack the emotional intelligence (never mind actual intelligence) to appreciate just how hard it is to write intelligently and engagingly for such a long period of time. Like others here, youtube videos just don't cut it for me,boredom sets in really fast, not to mention the fact that most of the so called experts seem to have paper thin levels of actual knowledge about photography. The world of photography will be diminished by your departure. All the best Kirk, and if you and Belinda get the opportunity to vacation in the UK, feel free to look me up.

Ray said...

I've enjoyed the time I've spent reading your thoughts and I'll miss this 20 minutes every morning. Good luck to you always.

Duncan Holthausen said...

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your blog. I've read most of them, even the ones about video which I don't fully grasp. I hope you find your time away from the blog reinvigorating and wish you the best in the future. Take care.

Edward Richards said...

Things run their course. I hope you will be back, but I understand. I started a listserver in 1993 for law professors, back when that was a new concept. It had an important impact for the first decade of law professors making the transition to the online world. Eventually, the success of online resources made it less relevant. It was hard to let go, but when I had to change hosting companies - the only person who knew how to run the software retired - I realized I should let it go.

I have enjoyed your posts and you work over the years. Having been in and out of Austin for 60 years, with family there, I have also enjoyed your incidental insights into what has been going on there. Those small black and white films also sound interesting - perhaps you will post some of those going forward.

Steve Renwick said...

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Thanks for your work.

JC said...

Mike Johnston has noted that he's not actually a professional photographer, he's a professional writer (about photography.) You're probably both -- I don't actually know how you stop being a writer, and if you're not interested in doing books, a blog seems like a logical place to roost. I've always been interested in portraiture, and have followed and read your posts carefully when you're writing about portrait-making. Not so much the video. But your interest in portraits seems to me similar to your writing, something you do because of a compelling interest, not just because you can sell it to business executives. And if you're interested in portraiture as an art form, again, a blog seems like a logical place to show them. You don't have to be the King of Commercial Photographers on the Internet, as you have been, you could just be Kirk Tuck, writer and photographer, kind of like those guys who do blogs on insect photography. You don't need a huge audience, just a community of like-minded people.

Given all that, I suspect you'll be around for a while. IMHO.

D Lobato said...

I may one of the few who gain from Kirk's video writing. I am 65 and a long time landscape and nature photographer. My wife is a professional and award winning musician. Social media and the internet are her lifeline, especially in the pandemic. I have built a reputation among professional musicians for my excellent still photography of their live performances. Circumstances forced me to get into video more than I expected, with learning live-streaming and basic video shooting and editing. Add external mics for better audio (absolutely required), professional lighting, and most of the things Kirk has discussed. Thus I am deep into the brave new world of video. Learning has been good, I seem to have a knack for choosing angles and timing for storytelling. And I am fortunate to already have a collection of FF mirrorless gear. I had a $300 gig to video a live show for a band, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. The next big hurdle for me is choosing a video editing software and learning to use it expertly. Yeah, I'm nervous, and I will earn my video chops.

Unknown said...

Well we'll all miss you. I might not, and never plan to, do qny video, but I feel like I've learned a fair bit just by reading your blog. The same goes for lighting, portraits, swimming...

Hope to find you back in the saddle soon.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time off, and if it becomes permanent, enjoy retirement. We're all trying to figure out what the next/new normal will be, in photography and in life, and until then it seems as good a time as any to take some time off.

Bill Pierce said...

While you are gone, we will miss you. (And, as moving images are more and more becoming a large part of both professional photography and saving the memories of family and friends, we hope you will return to guide us all on making little black and white movies; we need your help.) Enjoy the time off. It has to be wonderful to take a break. But your selfish fans, thinking only of ourselves, do want you to come back.

James said...

First Ming, now you. It's too much for one week. If Mike retires where will I go for good commentary? I must admit video and swimming are not "my thing(s)" but I read those posts anyway because the prose was good and there was usually an insight or two from which I could take something about photography, if not life. There's only a couple of blogs I look forward to reading and yours is (now was) one of them. I'll sorely miss you but wish you well. Check in from time to time, ok?

J Williams said...

FWIW I'm not a video person and have noticed your shift to more video and less still photography. I assumed it is simply the natural progression of paid work that video is what the customers wanted. Despite little video interest myself I've read nearly everything you've written of late. I have very much appreciated the fact that you WRITE your blog and it isn't simply a collection of videos. Writing (and reading) are skills I fear people may soon forget just because it is too easy to sit back and watch (or produce) video vs reading. Your blog has always seemed to be about more than just making images be they still or moving. That's what has kept me checking in even if the technical subject matter didn't always align with my photo interests.

Enjoy whatever adventures you have planned once we escape the grips of the pandemic. My wife and I have similarly decided its time to enjoy life more and as soon as it is safer to travel more we intend to see the various parts of the US and the world that have eluded us up until now. I'll be periodically checking to see if there is anything new here and if not I'll just assume you're just having so much fun you have no time to write or blog.

Michael Matthews said...


The first thing I had to do upon reading the headline and first sentence was suspend temporarily and make a cup of good, strong coffee in order to establish the proper ambiance. This could be the last encounter. It looks as if you may be letting us down gently, sort of closing the door softly after quietly stepping out of the room.

The last time you took an extended break I stood it as long as possible, then went searching for the movie trailer for "Shane". Take the shot of little Brandon deWilde watching his hero depart, wailing "Shane...come back!" Get some kid from the neighborhood to scream "Kirk...come back!". Then upload the result to the comments section of the last post.

Unfortunately, I got distracted watching the trailer. At :30 in, as Shane is riding toward the farmhouse for the first time, there is clearly a car or some other vehicle seen moving left to right in the far distant background. Some might argue it is an animal, but the steady pace and dead-flat trajectory mark it clearly as a vehicle. After a day or so of rummaging around on the internet seeking a way to confirm or deny it was too late. You were already back!

Let us pray the same applies this time. The last few posts have been so detailed, so engaged and engaging, it was obvious you were gaining momentum. Who knew it was to achieve escape velocity?

Go and be well. But come back, please?

Greg McLauchlan said...

Thanks so much Kirk for the years of sharing your knowledge of photography, and experience, in such a warm and accessible format. Your writing has always been a pleasure to read, your reviews a source of helpful guidance. I will miss your good-natured and often whimsical take on life and its visual pleasures. Happy Trails!

Eric Rose said...

But but but what about the Panasonic S5???


Lenya R said...

Dear Kirk, as everyone else said, a daily dose of your writing is an essential art of life for many of us. Luckily, we know that this is not the first time Kirk decides to get away from the blog, and we remember what happened in the past, so we will wait patiently.

Andy said...


I too, hope this is au revoir rather than goodbye. For someone who isn't into video; isn't a self-employed photographer; was never interested in m4/3 and only occasionally swims for fun, I seemed to have found an awful lot to enjoy here over the last few years.

It's possibly a generational thing - like a number of others who have commented, I really prefer articles to video (film/theatre previews and "how to replace the rear mech on your mountain bike" instructions excepted) and I'm also not a fan of the relentless trend to narrow-casting. I like the fact that your posts have been wide-ranging and sometimes off-piste.

I have been amazed at the volume of your output with so much else going on in your life over the last couple of years and had wondered how long that might continue. I do hope this is only a hiatus and that you're back with us before long, perhaps with an even more wide-ranging remit.

Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment.


Kevin Drinks Beer said...

I really enjoyed your writing over the years but I have to admit I am part of the problem. I rarely check in on yours or any photo sites anymore. The I-phone is primary photo instrument these days as it always with me and it is easy to share on social media. Good luck and enjoy that coffee.

Ted Squire said...

I have only commented once or twice, but I’be been reading your posts since you first started. I will certainly miss your musings. Like so many of us I have a connection to you and your family. Studio Dog left a hole in my heart. We’ll be here hoping you return to your blogging.


Unknown said...

Thank you Kirk, it's been a daily pleasure and privilege to read your thoughts, and an inspiration on managing a busy life. You and Ming have left large holes in my photographic journey, but I also understand that life is a series of chapters and you're about to close this one and start the next. My best wishes for your future. If you're ever in New Zealand I'd be honoured to meet you and show you around.

Stay safe, Tony

Richard Parkin said...

Thanks and good luck. Yours and MJ’s TOP are the only blogs I read every day, which is odd as you are not at all similar and I don’t ‘identify’ with either of you. Regarding MJ giving up, as JC noted earlier MJ is a writer (about Pool, Music, Movies and occasionally photography ;) ) and writers gotta write. I do think you are partly a writer too so I suspect you won’t be able to keep away but the subject may change ... maybe a travel blog :).

Richard Parkin

Bob said...

I came late to the party, about six months ago, but I've been mining your blog for information since then, so I think I've read just about all of your posts. Fast forward to now, I'm not a video guy, but I've really enjoyed your most recent posts from a logistical and organizational point of view, although they don't apply to me. Superb insights into a challenging field.
I have to admit that you are one of my "go to" blogs about photography (imagery?). A first-read for the day. No pressure.
So, take a break, travel as you can, do some swimming, love your family, and do what is right for you.
Thanks for all of your posts.

Anonymous said...

Live long and prosper.

M G Wong said...

Thanks so much for your blog which I have read with interest for a very long time, though I rarely coment! Enjoy your break/retirement from blogging. Keep safe and well and ditto for all you family :)

Dan Jansenson said...

Wait–what? And right after I bought the hat!


Love to see one of your little movies, though.

Richard said...

Well Thanks for all the posts Kirk. I for one am just as interested in yyythe video stuff as in the stills. And I also read Mike's blog and I did follow Ming's as well. But I guess more people are going for the video blogs now.

John said...

You'll be back. It’s stronger than you. We’ll wait.

Bob F. said...

Say it ain’t so!! It’s purely selfish to want you to continue since we get the satisfaction of reading excellent writing and seeing wonderful pictures and you do all the work just for the heck of it....

Anonymous said...

Hope you can relax and enjoy your personal time without writing a column.
As for the internet movie types - If they can't write I won't read it.
Not a TV person, not here or otherwise. Much prefer to read my information
and news.
Good writing is worth the time spent.

Ananda Sim said...

The web evolves. We do as well. And digital cameras, photography itself not so much. I've enjoyed your articles over the years. I'll miss you anecdotes and Ming Theins. Keep sharing on Instagram if you can.

Corey :) said...

I’ll miss your posts!

Del Bomberger said...

In the last two years, my interest in photography has waned after 50 years and I wish it hadn't, but still that is the reality. I have been down to reading you and TOP, and that has been recently hit and miss. I have very much enjoyed reading your comments even when they didn't parallel my interests, and very much enjoyed how your life, family and daily activities were included. All the best to you and I'm confident when you have something to share, you will.


Anonymous said...

All the best to you, Kirk. I've been reading your blog and TOP almost daily for a couple of years (or is it longer?)
Hope that you and your wife get a chance to travel as much as you would like. My wife and I were fortunate to be able to travel quite a bit in our life (we're both 68 now), so the pandemic is a time to settle down for us and maybe we'll be able to travel again in a couple of years.
It's been a joy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Steve B

Bill Pearce said...


For me this really sucks but I understand how something like this can be like feeding a monster. But not to be Debbie Downer, I see the beauty of written language fast dissapearing, to be replaced by poorly random thoughts spit out by incompetant public speakeers in mind numbing videos. I will miss your well written blog greatly.

Good luck!

Bill Pearce

Dave Matheson said...

Kirk, I for one would appreciate you re-thinking this you have had a some unhappy times just recent a few hits of unpleasantness by some very unpleasant people but promise to take the vaccine twice and please re-think this maybe once a week or Monday mornings just to start the week off. You will really will be missed and it was nothing but pleasure reading and I will be going over many Blogs of VSL to come to grips with how to improve and move forward. Stay well in the Top 10 Department you will be remembered ( Everytime). Hard to believe ....Peace, Love and Understanding.Take care. Hey how about some Photography classes? Dave

Michael Ferron said...

I totally get it. Do what you need to do for you. Thanks for all the posts over these past years.

Romano Gtti said...

Thank you for all this time. Enjoy your break; be sure that you'll be missed.

ldkfjlapsdjf oaf said...

Kirk, thanks for all that you offered up over the years. I have been one of your audience who moved on (I barely take photos any more) but your site was a must-visit back when I was learning as much as I could and telling every one I could there were far better resources than DPReview when determining what camera (or simply what type of camera) to buy and learn how to use.

Good luck with your future endeavours.

Matt S said...

I appreciate you posting, this, Kirk. I've enjoyed the blog for what must be pretty much all of its life, since you posted in the 4/3rds Flickr group. It's always been a great source of thoughtful, humanistic reflection on life, and not just photography and interesting takes on gear and its uses. And as I've taken on more video stuff, I've really appreciated that, too. It goes without saying that seeing the photographs is great, too.

Of course, it would be great if it comes back in some form, even with a different angle. And I hope that it's saved in the internet archive, as something for future historians to get a flavour of life in these odd times.

Thanks for all the posts, really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break. Take care and safe safe and hopefully we'll get chance to read your (always interesting) thoughts (on whatever) when you have recharged your batteries.

If not, thanks ever so much for the last 10 years of posts and pictures. They've been fun!


Rick Popham said...

I sure hope to see you around! I rarely comment, but have enjoyed this blog for years. Good luck with your projects.

BTW, in your list of favorite portraits you missed MY favorite of your portraits — the lovely swimmer with the wet face.


Rick Popham

Anonymous said...

Kirk - thanks for all you have given us.


D Ross said...

You'll be missed here. Yours is one of four sites I have bookmarked. But, totally understand. I lost interest in my own blog several months ago, just before Covid, and the current situation has only reinforced the reasons.
Be well. Enjoy your work. Love. Get a puppy.

rickt183 said...

Kirk I'm sad to see this but I understand. Loved your writing and photography over the years, I hope that North Star reveals itself soon.

Gordon Lewis said...

Thank you for writing as much as you did for as long as you did, and on as many engaging topics. I won't say goodbye; only "see you later, my friend."

Dave Najewicz said...

Kirk, as a dedicated reader, I always enjoyed your posts. I will miss reading them, as well as your thoughts on photography, equipment, business and life in general. As someone who had done some writing professionally, I marvel at your skill to produce such well thought out posts, which are so readable, day after day. I have so enjoyed your personal photography as well - it is an inspiration to us that are not so talented. Enjoy your future life as a "senior" - as someone a few years ahead of you, I can tell you it can be very enjoyable.

John Ironside said...

Thank you very much for your writing and photographs. I'll be very happy if you resume sometime. If TOP is still going, I expect I'll hear about there. Thanks again and enjoy the new openings.

Marty said...

Thanks for the writing and the photographs but most of all thank you for your generosity in sharing your life with strangers who have over time become your friends. Also best wishes to you, Belinda and Ben in whatever adventures come your way.

jiannazzone said...


Thank you for all you have written over the years. It is an impressive body of work, well worth the time I have spent here. I wish you and your family the best of luck going forward. I am sure you will continue to stay busy with work, swimming, personal projects, and quality time with a family you obviously love.


rdrowe said...

Dear Kirk,

its your 'train set' and your call - fully understand.
But you will be missed.
Just want to say 'Many many thanks for all you have shared'
Hopefully you will be back...
But if not, wish you and yours all the very best and richest blessings. R

Jim said...

Your writing will be missed. My son lives in Austin and I had thought that sometime when I was down to see him, I live in NNY near the Quebec border, perhaps we could meet but with the pandemic and me being in the high risk group (75 YO with high blood pressure) heaven knows when I'll be down that way again. And when I am, you may be off exploring other places. I wish you well and hope that at least occasionally you will post an update. During the pandemic bloggers and vloggers are our community, the people who come into our homes and lives, albeit virtually, and soften the isolation.

Rusty said...

Kirk, always enjoyed your blog, almost daily. Both business and technical topics are a rich vein of well written information. all the best and good light to you

Noel said...

A former Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) used to say to the photographers at the end of a photocall "see you around" and he did!
Don't go too far Kirk. You reflect a certain stream of photographer, in which I include myself. Don't underestimate how inspiring it has been reading how you have managed in the current situation, especially for those with career paths like your own. We are all in this boat together. Please help keep it afloat a while longer!

jlsalvignol said...

I had three cornerstones in photography: Gordon Kirk Mike.

La vie est belle 🤗

Kaemu said...

Hi Kirk:

I truly enjoyed your writing and your pictures. So, a big thank you. Video and sound are indeed a rabbit hole (as deep as color management?), but its fun. I hope you get to travel soon.

Again, thanks and all the best.


Anonymous said...

I started reading a long time ago. You introduced me to MFT, and when I saw the blog with the square landscapes that was it for me; square format on a beer budget. Bought a G3 back in 2012 when B&H put them on sale. Finally just got a G9 last year. I love photography. For me it's been a great ride peeking into the world of a pro. I've got a few of your books too. You're an amazing guy. You did front the idea of a video book a while back. Think about it. If nothing else fire things up again when you and Belinda start traveling. I'd like that. All the best.


Gary said...

Dang. Send Methadone.

Yoram Nevo said...

Will miss you. Hope you will be back. I loved and would love to read you on any topic and at any posting frequency.
Take care, Yoram

Michael Kohnhorst said...

Thanks for keeping it interesting, good luck on all of your future endeavors.

Greg Tallent said...

Thank you for your wisdom on photography, lately video and your writing skills. I have a feeling you'll be back with interesting ideas and projects. Best wishes.

Allan Jackson said...

Thanks for your efforts over the years Kirk. I have enjoyed your take on things and hope you'll drop by occasionally to let us know how you're going. All the best to you, Belinda and Ben in the future.

Randobarf said...

Kirk, your blog is a breath of fresh air and wisdom and insight into everything in the world. I love the combination of swimming, photography and videography but I suspect you have been subliminally advertising the Zach Theatre in your blog because now I want to travel to Austin to attend the Zach Theatre!

Craig Yuill said...

Kirk - I started coming here to the Visual Science Lab after I clicked on a link to your review of the Olympus Pen E-PL2. That was almost ten years ago. I have been amazed at the number of posts you have published here, not to mention the wealth of useful information each post contained. Like others here, I read this blog almost daily. I don't know when (if?) you will return to make posts, but you can be assured I will read them.

Although I (barely) qualify as a "boomer" (I identify more as a "Gen-Xer"), I am one of those who always appreciated your posts on video and audio. I spent much of the morning learning how to use various noise effects to improve audio in FCPX. But I also spent many years (from 1980 onwards) honing film photography skills, using 35mm to 4x5 formats. You are right - photography has changed. A friend of mine posted some breathtaking landscape photos with his smartphone just a few days ago. Both photography and videography will evolve for quite some time to come.

Enjoy your break. I will check in every now and then to see if you post anything new. If you don't, then please know that I have very much appreciated all of the effort you have gone through to maintain this blog over the years.

Best wishes to you an your family.

dinksdad said...

I've followed you way down the rabbit hole, buying many of the cameras you recommended over the years. Where do I send the bill?

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

I've deducted the camera bills from your subscription price. Where do I send my bill for the difference?

Pete F said...

Well I expect, and hope, that you will be back. But if not, thanks for letting us share in your journey. I’m not a pro photographer, just an amateur and your blog has always inspired me, as have your comments on life, swimming, etc. On more than one occasion you have inspired me to get off the couch and do something. I will miss that.

crsantin said...

Work is important, breaks equally so. I've always loved your writing and your perspective. The photographs as well, mostly the portraits, especially the squares. If this is the end then thank you. See you over on Instagram.

JD in Adelaide said...

Be the captain of your own ship. You'll be missed.

bishopsmead said...

So long, ¡Hasta luego!; I will miss your musings, occasional rantings, valuable insights and all round good humour. Thank you for sharing you life, your loves and your family with us over the years. I hope life is kind to you and yours for the future . . . . and maybe see you back sooner or later.

Keep well, keep safe, G

Bill said...

Good luck and good healing. I believe I know what you're feeling right now.

DAVID_M said...

I have enjoyed your blog now for several years. Thanks for your thoughts on many subjects and some wonderful photographs. Best wishes as you go forward with your family, your career, travel and swimming.

MikeR said...

Hey, sometimes it's just time.

I've enjoyed your writing these last 8 years that I've been reading your blog. Andrew Wyeth said, "I painted my life." You've photographed your life, and took us with you. VSL is a Kirk Tuck blog, who happens to do photography, and writes like one possessed. (From Hamilton: Why do you write like you're running out of time. Well, we all are.)

I was looking forward to your further video adventures. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll return in dues time.

Be well, stay well, you and yours.

Nigel Hodges said...

Hi Kirk, as others have said, thank you for your writing. It's kept me interested over the years I've been reading the blog, starting I think around the time you got interested in micro four thirds and then the Nikon V1....which was partly responsible for me ultimately buying a Nikon V2. It was a camera I thoroughly enjoyed using apart from in very low light and I wish Nikon had kept on developing that line (or other 1" cameras) and occasionally that I had kept it!
What has kept me coming back is your style of writing and even when you are describing technical stuff about video, it's still eminently readable. Plus you include slices of life which gives a humanity to your writing.
I hope this is just an revoir on your part....but it is your blog!!
Whatever you do, take care! Nigel

Anonymous said...

I think it is an excellent idea to leave on a high note - studio dog is right! Thanks for a very informative and entertaining blog!

No more words but hopefully images will continue to flow! Will surely follow you over at


btw inzli is a nice instagram web viewer that, unlike the instagram itself, allows one to follow you without any login.

dasar said...

We'll miss you so much Kirk.
And yes, video is way down on the list of my interests, but I always find something very interesting in your posts.
I still like more than ever written blogs (or newsletters), instead of video posts like those spreading elsewhere.
All the best to you and your family

Murray Davidson said...

It's been a while since I last commented - business means that I am often behind reading your blog, so behind the curve in posting and then not. But I do read every entry on your blog. It's interesting how the attention to video posts is lower, but even when video wasn't a focus for me, I read them for the insight into the process. Coincidentally, my own video making has surged somewhat - triggered in the first instance by the Covid 19 lock down here which meant that we couldn't visit our (children and) grandchildren for a while; so we started making videos of ourselves reading stories for them, which led to including the pages of the books, in and out, and then to video editing...
And this awakened insterest in video has led to more. I so really enjoyed / appreciated the in-depth report on your recent Zach theatre shooting - almost as if I was there.
Iff the numbers are down, it doesn't mean that it's not - seriously - appreciated.
Your blog is at the top of my ranking for quality, content and sincerity (i.e. low bullshit).
It's yours, to stop or have a sabbatical as you wish, but I hope that you return: even if all you write about is video and swimming!
Best regards and many thanks,

Cecelia said...

I hope you decide to come back after a rest for purely selfish reasons!

Anonymous said...

Kirk, I miss your blog (tremendously!). Wish i could hear your take on the S5... which i expect to purchase. CHEERS

Ian said...

Thanks for all the effort writing these posts. I have been following anonymously for a few years and have been enjoying them all. I understand how much work it must have been - enjoy a rest.

Joe said...

Shane! Come back, Shane!

Mark A. said...

Hi Kirk,
sending you my thoughts from Germany all the way to Texas:
1. Your blog is great, thanks for all the years of writing.
2. It is not only about photography, it is much more than that.
3. I understand that you cannot write blog posts forever.
4. I would like to meet you in person some time.
5. If you ever come to Germany in the future I will buy you some beers or wine if you contact me. And take you to a friend of mine who owns a great gallery.
6. If you ever think about starting to write blog posts again: I will read them!
Happy Trails,

atmtx said...

Hi Kirk, thank you for your stories and expertise. We can always meet for lunch.

atmtx said...

Hi Kirk, thank you for your stories and expertise. We can always meet for lunch.

Ron said...

Sorry to hear that you're taking a break from equipment-related posts as I've learned much from you. And you're one of the few remaining voices I trust. Unlike most reviewers, you're very honest and not a narcissist, a hipster, a huckster, a mercenary, an airhead or a weirdo. And you're never boring. And you're an awesome photographer who is wonderfully honest about almost-disasters, ways of overcoming problems in the field--a real person rather than a "personality." Whatever you write, be it about photography or Lisbon, I look forward to your refreshingly human observations.

Marcos Baez said...

Please, don't quit. I've been following your blog for a year or so, and it looks that I arrived to late to the blog thing with everyone abandoning their websites. :(

It's always interesting reading your opinions and experiences in photo, video, hats, shoes, and it was the first thing I tried to read while drinking coffee at the office.

I appreciate the effort you put here, and wish you the best whatever you choose to do in the future.

PS. Thanks to you now I'm looking for the perfect walking shoes and a hat for my BIG head.

Jim Tardio said...

Who are you kiddin??? You'll be back :)

Jon Maxim said...

What! What just happened? Just because I go away for a few days and don't read the blog, you decide to quit?!

Seriously, thank you Kirk for your generosity over the years. I have enjoyed all your articles and felt a connection that I will sorely miss. Even though I am not a swimmer, I have enjoyed the articles and it has spurred me on to take better care of myself. I have visited Austin on a few short trips and your writing takes me back there nostalgically. You finally made me wear a hat which I should have done for years but stubbornly refused to listen to my loving wife (I am somewhat older than you). Your tales of food and coffee have had me salivating. Photographically you have inspired me and given me all sorts of new perspectives. Since we are currently pet-less, I have really appreciated the chance to stroke Studio Dog (virtually) and give her treats. I suppose the good news is that you will no longer be stoking my equipment and software GAS fire (like some other comments above I totally blame you for my lack of self-control, as enjoyable as the experience has been).

I hope that I have interpreted your comments as there is a possibility that you may contribute some more at some future time. Even if it is irregular, we will eagerly lap it up so I hope you miss writing enough to continue at some point. One thing that did give me pause was your conclusion that there is not much to write about photography. While I understand that, what I really like is hearing about Kirk Tuck - with, obviously, an emphasis on his photo/video experiences. So there will always be something interesting for you to write about from my point of view. As a side note, it turns out that after over 50 years of photography I now find myself on the same journey of discovery, of how to shoot video, as you are on (only a bit behind you). So it is doubly sad that I will not be able to learn and accompany you on the journey any more.

Sorry for the long ramble, but in summary, thank you, thank you, thank you. What you have given us is precious and I wish you Belinda, Ben and any new Studio Dog health and happiness, whatever your future.

revwmlew said...

Hi Kirk, Thanks so much! I enjoyed and learned a lot. You’re a great writer and I hope you’ll come back. Wm Oly m4/3 4ever

G Gudmundsson said...

I miss your voice of reason and sanity ,,, best to you all!

eric erickson said...

Kt, just want to add my two cents to your ending blog. I have read you frequently now for several years. Interestingly, I seem to have gotten to know you even though we have never met. That is how well you have done with the writing. I have enjoyed many of your stories and musing. You do a great job articulating the complex world of Photography and the day to day business of running a small shop. You will be missed by my myself, and many others. Good luck and stay safe old friend. Eric

Roger Jones said...

I'll have to get back to you with a more in depth comment. I doing what I did for years photojournalism I'm off to shoot the fires as I'm in Oregon and we're burning.

adam said...

I really enjoy your blog, I'd be just as interested in reading about video if that's what you're into now, I hope you enjoy your time off, cheers :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for your efforts and say that I have more than appreciated them. You're an interesting guy, and a great photographer and writer. Someday maybe I'll be able to buy you a coffee or ten as thanks.

Honesty and forthrightness with yourself, and where you're at, is so valuable. I'm glad you're holding on to this, much as I'll miss your writing.

mosswings said...


Journey forth. You don't know how much enjoyment your blogging about life and - oh, yeah, photography - has given me. It's wonderful to read something that makes you say, "yeah, that old dude gets it. Maybe I'm not as alone as I think".

I still think you're a closet Buddhist if you're not a practicing one. There's just too much centeredness in your writing.

It is so wonderful to be given a glimpse into the life of a person who so fully enjoys the life he lives and the passion that has funded it.

Perhaps one day we may chance upon you both in some place where community has built beauty.

May the world be kind to you.

Wait...didn't I write something like this last year?



Anonymous said...

So long and thanks for all the fish.

RobW said...

Does this mean there will be no sequel to the Lisbon Portfolio??

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

"Does this mean there will be no sequel to the Lisbon Portfolio??"

RobW, The future is hard to predict. But I think I can say we'll be seeing more of Henry White in one form or another...

ianroqc said...

Thanks, Kirk, for all the time and wisdom, and class you have put into your posts over the years. I'll miss reading your blogg.

Per L said...

Sad to hear it. I have always enjoyed your writing.

Per L said...

Just wanted to add...
I have started to play a little with video. I wonder if you have drone? If not - its a very easy way to add some variety and production value, if one doesn't overdo it.
Good luck, anyway!

Ed Mullin said...

Thanks for all the great posts on photography and your life perspective. I’ve enjoyed all of them.
My favorite quote from your blog is “you date the cameras, you marry the glass”

Good Luck and enjoy yourself!
hopefully you’ll be back from time to time.