The Amazing and in-depth Summer Hat Photographic Inventory. Complete with "Super" model and "Mega" influencer "Mr. K"...

Ah. The hat inventory. These are just the Summer hats. We don't have enough bandwidth for the Winter hats as well. That will come later. Much later. I keep a collection of hats for a couple of reasons. First off, I carry an extra, inexpensive bucket hat with me when I walk around downtown in the Summer. Sometimes I come across someone working in the sun or walking somewhere without a hat. I offer them the extra one. Secondly, I get bored wearing the same hat every day. An added bonus is that most of these are machine washable so I can toss them in the laundry when they get dirty and know I have lots left to choose from.

I woke up this morning with the idea of doing a silly self-assigned photo essay of me and my hats. I set up a Leica SL2 on a tripod, put a flash trigger on top and then set up a 60 inch octabox with no front diffusion panel. I wanted big but contrasty light. I fired up Leica Fotos, the iPhone app and photographed myself after previewing each set up on my phone. I used the 24-90mm Vario Elmarit lens set to 75mm and got busy. 

The hat above is "lavender" colored and is one of my favorites because it's so lightweight and foldable. I rescued it from the trash at the pool. It looked brand new until I got my hands on it. 

Here's a hat I wear every morning. It's bright yellow. It's my swim cap.
It keeps the chlorine from constantly flowing past my hair. 
It is my secret for keeping my hair absolutely perfect at all times.

I actually hate this hat but I keep it around for all those times when one's hat might
not make it through a project. Like painting the fence. Or bleaching black mold off 
rock walls. Everyone needs one protective "crash" hat. 

A cheap Tilley imitation. Reminds me constantly why I don't have a Tilley hat. 
Or a Billingham camera bag. Or a Jaguar. 

My dad came from a small town in Pennsylvania. He did his undergraduate work at 
Indiana University of Pennsylvania before heading off to Washington University in
St. Louis. When he passed away I ended up with all his alumni swag.
I have a matching t-shirt as well. 

Without a doubt. This lightweight treasure from REI is my favorite bucket hat.
It's very crushable and is a perfect all-arounder. 

Finally. When you are out and about you'll need a dressy Summer hat. 
This one works for that. And at this point the "super" model was getting antsy
and ready to call it a day. Freakin' prima donna.

Got a hat? No? Get a hat.
Even if you have to settle for a Tilley hat.