Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers!!!


I took this image about 42 years ago down in San Antonio. I was walking around Commerce St. with an old Nikon film camera fitted with a 28mm f3.5 Nikkor lens. Shot on 100 ASA Kodak Ektachrome film. 

Yes, those are 40+ year old Converse All Stars. Still have them around here somewhere...

B. and I are celebrating our 44th Valentine's Day together. Cooking scrumptious stuff at home for dinner. Followed by lava cakes with fresh made whipped cream. Then headed to the couch to watch "Valentine's Day" (the movie) and drink pink Champagne. But not too much Champagne; one of us has swim practice in the morning.... And a portrait shoot. 

Hope you are having an equally good Valentine's Day. A nice day to chill out on.

We're in Austin. We're already slackers....