My book on the business of photography is available for pre-order at Amazon. I like it.

Life is an iterative process. Every time you do something you build on your previous efforts, and writing books is no exception. When I wrote my first book, Minimalist Lighting etc. I was nervous and over thought the process. The book was well received but the emotional cost was outsized compared to the enjoyment of the process.

The second book seemed to sing along for me as I discovered my pace and really got into the subject.

But the third book, the one above, captivated my interest in a uniquely different way. In a sense it's a retrospective of my career in the field. Not through the photographs, in the sense of a retrospective show but rather, as a retrospective collections of thoughts and theories that have made me, if not successful, then at least ten steps ahead of my creditors while doing the one job that I've loved more than any other.

Like most I have the subconscious conviction that I am an artist first and a business man as a far second. Business practice out of necessity rather than a warm embrace of capitalism. Doubtless, with good therapy early on, I could have changed my views about the relative importance of the business end and perhaps made much more money. Or at least as much money but in a much easier way.

But the book distills all of the things that worked and continue to work into a wonderful melange that speaks to the old saying, "Hindsight is 20/20". I hope this book is one that will have readers saying, "I wish I'd had this resource when I was first starting out."

Rather than stroke my own ego I have peppered the book with gorgeous photos from incredible professionals like architecture expert, Paul Bardagjy, Advertising and editorial superstar, Will Van Overbeek, and the most amazing photographer I've met in my career, Wyatt McSpadden. (Wyatt's new book, Texas Barbeque, is nothing short of fine art---in every sense. From the images to the graphic design).

If you know someone who is struggling to make a career in commercial photography work I hope you'll think about recommending my book to them. It goes on sale the first of September but it is available for pre-order right now at Amazon.com.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging........


Neal said...

Great! can't wait to read it.

However, I wouldn't have put the portrait of the executive above your name, as it makes it seem like "Hey this is me!" the moment i saw it i thought. "That's not Kirk" then realised it was just another of the side images.

Just a thought.. it may be too late now and probably doesn't matter as you may have already known about this.

Just my initial observations.

Keep them coming, I love your work and your writing. Hopefully this new book will help me to perhaps move into commercial territory one day. Although I don't wish to loose my love of photography because it becomes "work".. Hard call.


Anonymous said...

Better than McNally, Better than Hobby, Better than just about anyone out there as far as the writing goes. I can hardly wait to see what you have to say about the business end of photography. Will this one be as entertaining as the last two?

I'm pre-ordered!!

Ed Z said...

Loved your first two, I am anxiously awaiting this one... :-)

kirk tuck said...

Dear All,

Pre-sales at Amazon are going nicely. I can hardly wait till people have the books in their hands. Big favor......if you find the book worthwhile will you go to Amazon and write a review? Thanks, Kirk

UII Photography said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)