Working in your style.

Curious to understand what makes a "style".  I'm not sure I know.  I know I like portraits that seem to connect with me.  I'm less interesting in the technique than the context and less interested in the context than the content.  I want to be interested by the implications of the captured moment.

More square.  More time.  More practice being with people.


Michael Gowin said...

I don't know that I can describe the "style" of the portrait you've posted here Kirk, but I love it. I see this and it makes me want to pick up my camera and make moving, emotional portraits like this one. Magical. If that's a style, that's what I'm after, too.

andrewt said...

Much like you imply, I think style has a lot to do with what we take pictures of. What we like, what we are interested in. And then how we interpret them through our pictures.

You are fantastic at portraits because the people matter to you. Their stories. Me, dirt, leaves, farms, farmers, the natural environment and the story behind these things. In a dark, mostly B&W "style."

Photographers shine best when their "style" is applied to what's important to them.

booksniffer said...

Fantastic portrait, I think it really connects with what you are saying here. Wonderful and insightful.

Adrian Rahardja said...

Ah, my thoughts exactly! What square format was this, Kirk? It's beautifully 'film'.

Nicolas said...

More square. More time. More practice being with people.
Exactly my thoughts too. :)