A brief interlude to actually show a photo I like to look at.

I shot this in Eve's Organic Garden and Bed and Breakfast in Marathon.  I'm not there yet in the arc of my story but I thought I'd throw in something I really liked to look at for fun.  I love the fortunate juxtaposition of colors.  It really doesn't matter what kind of camera one uses for shots like this............but it was an EP-2

Stay tuned for Marfa.

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John Krumm said...

This one inspired me to finally look up what complementary colors really mean (using good old Wikipedia, fount of all knowledge). Very eye pleasing results. I've enjoyed your sudden burst of posts. I'm stuck in a town with no roads out (only ship or plane) so feel an intense urge to drive long distances every one in a while, and keep telling my wife we need to take a road trip vacation.