An interesting campaign for a Japanese Tech Company.

We talk a lot here about philosophical issues pertaining to photography.  I thought I'd take a break from that and just show a nice, cohesive campaign I did recently for a Japanese company.  The art director was very good with direction and I feel like the combined images worked well.  This campaign is all about branding and very little about actual product.

The shoot was really straight forward. We used a Nikon D2x and a small assortment of lenses.

The art director was Greg Barton, owner and creative director at Dandy Idea.

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Dave Elfering Photography said...

Part of what I like about your blog are the practical examples. This really is a well executed series of communications. I like minimalist themes like this as a well conceived idea doesn't need busy body production to make it's point. Nice photography and nice work by the ad agency.