A pretty damn cool article. About one of us. A real photographer named Dave Jenkins.

Go here and look at this incredible article that will shortly be in your mailbox in the form of Rangefinder Magazine:  http://www.rangefindermag.com/storage/articles/RF0910_Jenkins_Jenkins.pdf

Dave does incredible architectural photography work, is a successful photographer,  and incidentally is a regular reader of this blog.

Getting a profile in Rangefinder Magazine is an achievement I've yet to figure out how to get.  I think you either have to be really good (like Dave) or be able to pay someone off.  And it's kind of a Catch-22 because if you're not good enough as a photographer to be able to make it into the magazine on the strength of your own work you're probably not good enough to make the kind of scratch it takes for a pay off.  At least I haven't been able to.......(I'm kidding about the second half.  I don't really think the magazine accepts payola.  Sorry but my lawyer makes me add these disclaimers for the humor impaired and the very linear thinkers.  Go HDR....).

But back to my point.  I'm reading the comments with a finer tooth comb these days and finding that we have an audience of very, very talented people.

Go to the link.  Read the article.  Look at the great work.  And then come back here and give some well deserved "Kudos" to Dave Jenkins.  Pretty damn cool!!!

Way to go, Dave.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave. Ask Kirk sez, that's pretty damn cool.

Daniel Fealko said...

Dave, those are some lovely photos.

You must have a really nice camera. *wink* *wink*

It's good to see the bar set high for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Finally. Kirk's blog finally pays off with something good. Kidding. But Congrats, Dave.

Tyson Habein said...

Nice work for sure. Congrats on the well deserved recognition, Dave. I was unaware of your stuff before, but I'll be visiting regularly now.

Ct Photo said...

Good article talking about the business side and the photographic side of the industry

Kate CPH said...

Thanks Kirk, an interesting article. I am fairly new to photography and although I've heard of tilt/shift (or PC) lenses, I never realised what they could or should be used for!

Nice work Dave!

koert said...

Very nice photos and a very nice read too.
Well written and I fear I might have learned a thing or two as well.

Mel said...

Really good to see a veteran actively being flexible - since I want photography to be a career I can have until I die this is great inspiration.

And, as discussed on several of Kirk's entries, you have to match the technology to what the client wants, even when it means turning away from what you thought would be the best way to deliver the image. I appreciate Dave's comments about comparing digital with film, and his insights on using tilt/shift lens systems. Most of the control without the tons of gear!

Kirk - thanks for connecting us with this.

Bill Millios said...

Dibs on authoring the Rangefinder article on Kirk. :^)

Brian Smokler said...

And all this from a home base of Chattanooga, TN. Great read. Thanks for posting Kurk. Chatt is an interesting little city.

Dave Jenkins said...

Guys, thanks for all the kind comments.

Brian, don't underestimate Chattanooga. There are at least two commercial photographers here who are better than I am.