If your pictures aren't fun enough then you lack a sense of humor.

I see stuff all the time that tickles me.  Makes me laugh.  Makes me happy to be alive.  And I try to photograph it.  This image is one of those vignettes.  And believe me, there was no way for me to sneak a subtle, voyeuristic street shot.  Nope, I was using a normal lens on a big medium format film camera and I walked up until I was about ten feet away from these gentlemen, I smiled, raised the camera and clicked the shutter.  They let it all roll past.  I was a tourist.  A mild annoyance.  Here and then gone.  And that's fine with me but I'll always remember the moment of joy when I first saw them posing at one of the many side streets leading into the Piazza Navonna.  It was visual love at first sight.  Was I embarrassed?  Nope.  I was too busy trying to fight my natural, cultural resistance to directly interacting with strangers in public.  Was I afraid?  In one of the last bastions of civilization?  Hardly.

Medium format camera.  Normal lens.  Black and white film.


Dave Jenkins said...

Wow! I can't believe no one has responded to this post. Must be a bunch of super-serious, humorless dudes around here.

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Dave, I agree. Does this post have some sort of protective bubble around it or what?

Anonymous said...

they're all saving their comments for your next gear review!


Anonymous said...

This post is ineffective. I didn't learn anything about lighting depth of field.

Stefan Wimmer said...

May day still has to come when I dare to simply make a photo of a completely stranger ... I even hesitate with friends ;-)

But it helps immensely to read this kind of posts to see what feelings and thoughts of yours are involved in those (for me very) uncomfortable situations.

Thanks for that!