Practice. Play. Practice. Play.

Anybody who says they get their photographs just right every time they pick up their camera is lying.  I practice my craft as often as possible and nearly every time I photograph there are lots of things I wish I'd done better.  I wish my lighting always looked just right but it doesn't.  I wish I'd nailed the exposure in a different way.  I'm generally convinced that I stopped shooting just seconds before the best frame was about to transpire and I still feel, after 20 years of PhotoShop, that I'm just picking my way on an unmarked path thru post processing.

Poor Ben.  He's up early for cross country and he works hard at school.  Like most teenagers he's looking forward to a little break when he gets home from school.  Maybe a little couch time with a video game, his dog and a snack.  But it doesn't always work that way.  Sometimes when he gets home he gets pulled into the studio to sit in for a "test."  A test generally means one of two things.  Either I have a big shoot coming up and want to rehearse my stuff or I got some new gear and I need a victim to try it out on.

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