Talented Reader Spot Light. Tripod Strap.

I'm so over black.  And I'm tired of synthetic everything.  I guess you can see that when you see the tripod I use for my work.  It's one of two Berlebach tripods, handmade in Germany from aged Maple.  I take my tripod everywhere and consider it VR/IS on steroids.  Recently a VSL reader named, Gordy, noticed my affection for old tech stabilization and wrote to ask me if I'd like a tripod strap to go with it.  I accepted.

I'd never really carried a tripod with a strap before but I thought I'd give it a try.  I like it a lot.  It's snug on my shoulder and frees up my right hand, which used to bear the burden of the tripod as I tromped along to a job site.  But most of all, I like the aesthetics.  The leather is thick and gives the impression that it'll supply years of service.

In the interests of total disclosure I must say that Gordy sent me the strap as a gift.  He did not ask me to write this but I wanted to after having used the strap for a week.  It's a niche product that feels both retro and useful.  I'm putting the link to Gordy's strap site in case you want a non-traditional (or should I say previously traditional?) camera or tripod strap.

Gordy is smart.  He hooked me by sending the first one for free.  Now I've been back to the site several times and I'm in the process of deciding which straps I need for a few new cameras.  I just can't stand the promotional straps that come in the boxes with the new cameras.......

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